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Mika and his glasses


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*sigh* I've only seen these pics 64 times now...but it still makes me go :wub2:


*These glasses go well with wizard hats - that should be our next dress up theme.* :wink2:


No wonder, he's looking at you. :wub2:


Should we be wizards? Too bad Mika doesn't get our inside jokes, especially since he's the object of most of them. :naughty:

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wow he looks great in them :wub2: though it looks like u could put a finger in his eye out with those :bleh:


:roftl: It's just because Andy had the camera lights trained on him from the side so when I flashed him from the front there was no reflection on Mika's lenses.


You can see his lenses quite clearly on the video.



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