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hellow i'm from Korea


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I'm from Korea -please ignore my English mistakes

and i've known MIKA for few months.

MIKA's song that i heard for the first time was lollipop

recently i got his album Life in Cartoon motion

and all the songs are fantastic !:thumb_yello:

i also watched his Live by dvd

i wish him to visit Korea too in 2008

happy new year and

i'm happy to join MFC :bleh:

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Top Posters In This Topic

Nice to meet you!

한국분이시네요~ 반가워요^^

앞으로 자주 들러주시구요~

저도 MFC에 대해서 많이 알지는 못하지만,

궁금한게 있으시다면 언제든지 메일주세요~

저도 dvd 사야하는데... 아직ㅠㅠ

아무튼 반가워요! Welcome to MFC!

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