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best male singer - star magazine


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I know Mikas sexy ... I cant be that far off


Ohh and Bono :wink2:


I know many female and you would consider him hunky, but one look at his picture shows how full he is of himself


*Youtubes him*


His voice is not that good either, I'd say a cheap JT-wannabe

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Freddie, That's not hunky, that's ew:thumbdown:


Mika is hunky (No matter what you say XD)

Johnny Depp is hunky

But this guy is not


Yeh Johnny Depp is a different league agree , Shane is a man , all hairy and hunky .. I understand Diana :wink2:


Bono sexxy ?:roftl:


He isn't sexy !:blink: He has just good looks !


Bono ooozzzeeeeeeees chicken appeal :biggrin2:

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