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Didja love '07???


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:toot::partytime2::rasta::groupwave: Hey Hey!Okay!Well, IT'S NEW YEARS!!!!AHHHHHHHH!!!Sooooo...now that 2007 is over, i'd be cool if everyone would post what your favorite event in '07.Like that awesome ham sandwhich u made or that awesome hair day u had!!!!Or maybe somthing cooler!Ya know?!?!?!?Mine was probably when this really really hott guy that i have a major crush on complimented my sparkley pencil!!!I almost died!!!!!I know i'm amazingly PATHETIC!But whatever!Any way GET TO POSTING PEOPLES!!!And by the way, did u guys smooch someone at 12 last night????Hmmm..........Interesting............: :naughty::blowup: I LUV ME SOME SMILIES!!!!

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Top Posters In This Topic

2007 was very good to me. These are some of my highlights:

-Discovering Mika's music in March and buying his album the next day.

-Joining the Mika Fan Club in April. Seriously, I've met so many amazing people through here.

-My sixth Beatlefest in March.

-First Mika gig in June where I also discovered Sara Bareilles, another amazing musician.

-Attended my third Steubenville retreat in July, always a lot of fun but this was the best one for me. I feel like I got closer with a lot of my friends.

-Went to see Mika perform on Good Morning America in August where I camped outside of the studio in Times Square all night. That was so much fun, and I met a lot of cool people on the line, including some MFCers. I also met Mika briefly afterwards. gave him a birthday present, and received a hug.:wub2:

-I met my best friend and MFCer heineken22 in October. :D


-My cousin had a baby girl in December, and family issues with my mother's side of the family finally came to an end, and it felt like we're a real family again at her shower.


Sorry, that was long.:blush-anim-cl:

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I think the whole year was pretty much Mika orientated

Jan- Discovering Mika and the MFC, first seeing Mika perform at the Culture Show filming.

Feb- Buying LICM, seeing Mika perform at HMV.

March/April- Meeting Mika for the first time at the LT signing at HMV.

May- First concert at Birmingham and meeting the big guy after, also seeing Palladium for the first time.

June- Seeing him twice at Glastonbury, and the birth of the MFC flag!

July/August- Exhibition at Blink gallery, Somerset House show and first outing for the penguin! T4 at Weston Super Mare, V festival with Bexx to deliver Mikas birthday present.

November- Totally spontaneous trip to Munich with Caz, meeting with lots of the Euro posse and gaining a stalker in the shape of the lovely Andy. Then the UK shows, getting WAY too much attention from the mad cameraman, resulting in a roadtrip to Doncaster, starting the random questions to Mika, which was a lot of fun, finally meeting the band properly, despite it being under the sad circumstances of cancellations, and the mfc having a drink with Martin who was really sweet, even though he probably thought we were all nuts, heh heh.

Also having a wild night the last night we were all in London, with Palladium, at their gig and in the bar with them afterwards, they are amazing and I'd definitely party with them anytime, so much fun.

All throughout this getting the flag signed all over Europe, not only by MFCers, but by Mika, the band (except Mikey),Andy, Simon the bus driver and Palladium. I want to thank the following for helping to make this happen:

My big sister, who during the last dry night at Glastonbury helped me get it finished. She is a diamond.

Bexx, Sara, Jennie, Steph and Mark, for getting it noticed at Somerset House.

FD and Kath, for getting it to Italy and getting it noticed on film.

Robertina, for getting Mika to sign it. She is a hero for that.

Ioana, for helping me with it at Munich.

Em and Blue, who got it to Dusseldorf and Amsterdam and back to Glasgow.

And because they happened so close together and all seemed to blur into one, at the UK shows:

Bexx, Tia, Jemma, Babs, Kath, Abby, Kata, Caz, Sara, FD, Suzy, Christine, Em and Debs. If I forgot anyone, I'm sorry, so much happened so fast, it was hard to keep up.

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OMG I can't believe I forgot, the Vodaphone awards with Jemma, one heck of a night!

Me thinking Enrique Iglaisias (sorry if I spelt it wrong) was Mark Ronson, me and Jemma being the only ones going nuts at Mikas winning speech in a camper van, ha ha! The two of us feeling sorry for presenter Chris Moyles 'cause only 3 people actually turned up to collect their awards.

But we had a laugh, and I'm eternally grateful to Jems for letting me go with her. Friend for life.

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I think the whole year was pretty much Mika orientated


OMG, Rose you had such a year! I'm so glad for you! :biggrin2:


So about that flag... is it coming to NA/stateside in 2008? Or are you

keeping it strictly UK/European...? Because I'm going to NYC... :wink2:



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2007 - greatest moments:

March - went to Paris on my birthday

September - went back to the University (post graduation)

November - found MIKA

Ok, there were lots of other important moments...

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