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The adventures of Remi & friends


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I thought it was time that my friend Remi got his own thread! As some of you may know, Remi is the twinbrother of Mika's little backup singer in the Happy Ending video. He has accompanied me to many Mika gigs (ok two out of three, but there's more coming up) and generally does a lot of cool stuff with his friends the fishies, the chicken and others.






Remi: 'Come on Fishie in cartoon motion, time to leave for Dusseldorf!'


In this thread I'll post the adventures of Remi and his friends, keep checking if you're interested :wink2:

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Today Remi has been having a little teaparty with his green nephew, Mick, who's moving to the US to live with Phunky.




Heidifishie was there too, though not Chicken because she's feeling a bit sad about Mick decision. Ever since he appeaper she has has a secret crush on him, and even though they had good times together, he has to go.




On a happier note, Remi and Chicken are saying that I should definatly tell what a great time they had at the dutchies meeting, and how they're looking forward to meeting all the MFC-ers in London!



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Yeah the Chicken wants to be refered to as 'Chicken'


It could very well be that another different coloured relative of Remi stops by suddenly, they all want to live here now they know he has connections with Mika :mf_rosetinted:


Will we also see relatives of chicken :naughty:

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Remi says I just HAVE to post the picture of his little moment of fame in Amsterdam




Credits to Starrats for the outstanding photography :thumb_yello:

yeah, its lil' arm is in the right position..{learn from biggirls!}:naughty:

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:shocked: I'm not on the forum for a few days and suddenly there are Remi and Mick avatars and sigs!!! Omg I love this so much I'm having tears in my eyes!! Starrats that picture of them holding hands is just SO cute!! :wub2: I want a sig with them in it too now!!
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