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LMarianne's here LOL


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Hi everyone!!


What should I tell you? Uh?


Well, I'm a 19-year-old girl (Until march, ten I'll be 20!! Yeah!! LOL) who really loves music (Would like to make a career in music, BTW :punk: ), and... who loves Mika ^^


First of all, I am a huge Queen fan - but not only Queen, I also love Roxette, Metallica, Bryan Adams, Abba (Yeah, I like everything!). In fact, I knew about Mika because of Queen!


Let me explain.


Kind of ago I joined a Queen forum I love (AussieQueens) and began to read Brian May's website.

Then, I can't even remember when, I read on Brian May's web abour Mika. And I read about him on the forum, too.

So I went straight to his MySpace to listen for a while.

And I fell in love with his music.

It wasn't even known here in my country, yet (I'm uruguayan), so I began to send the link to all of my friends so they could listen to him. And, guess what? No one payed attention (As they always do with the stuff I say :blush-anim-cl: ). But some months ago Mika began to be heard in the radio here (And obviously in Cable TV, too), so they began to tell me "Hey, that guy is awesome!" (Yeah! I know!)


What I do not undestand at all is why some Queen lovers hate Mika (Not kidding). I mean, I cannot compare him to Freddie Mercury. I know their voices are different and so on. But just because Mika's got an amazing voice and mentions Queen as an influence (And mentions Freddie in Grace Kelly) there are such a lot of people telling he's the new Freddie. He's not! He's an artist by himself!


And I do believe being called "The new someone" is not very good. At least, it can be definitely hard to cope with some people comparing you to another artist, and some people hating you because they think you want to be compared with that artist.


Well, I think I messed things p a bit here LOL


Sorry if my English has any mistake, as I told you, I'm uruguayan, so I'm just an English student (And Mika fan LOL)



LMarianne (BTW, Lucía's my First name and Marianne's my Middle name)

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It's because here at MFC there are people from all over the world.


so sometimes some people need help with sometinhg here and it could be easier if the person who is from the same country of the other who is havin trouble here could help.


did I explain it in the right way?


sorry.. my english is not so good.


but, if you have some doubt here you can look for the person who representates your country here, or even someone who speaks the same language of yours. :)

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