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Hi there everyone, My name's Laurel... I joined your lovely forum a few days ago, but have been too caught up with stupid work to say a proper hello.




I'm 33 and I live in the UK. Still live at home with my mother.. who's probably my best friend.


OK so on with Mika ... :mf_lustslow:


I first heard Grace Kelly last year, but everytime I heard it on the radio - I never seemed to catch the name of who sung it. Just really liked it though.


I love the Scissor Sisters - me and and a friend at work (I work at Morrison's - for those who don't live in the UK - It's a supermarket - Oh and I completely hate it) :thumbdown:


He kept going on about someone called Mika - and had I heard of him, said he sounded abit like the Scissor Sisters and I should check him out.


Went home that night and looked up his songs on the internet. Realised finally who sang that bloody song I kept hearing.


Downloaded the album the same night to check that out too. Haven't stopped playing it since.


Grace Kelly isn't my favourite song at all - It's probably about my fourth fave :punk:


I love Love Today.... If I've had a completely nightmare day at work (which is most of them) I come home and put that song on, and it just seems to make everything better. Music should be like that - just make you feel good - no matter what kind of ****e has been thrown at you.


Even though I've got his album and love his music - I never classed myself as a Mika fan though. I didn't even know upto a few months ago what he looked like. Though to be honest my type of bloke is normally the skinny, quite tall and extremely handsome sort - but he's been a kind of grower on me.


Actually to be honest since the end of 2003 I've been abit of a Franz Ferdinand nut. Alex is my kind of guy. As I said I have something about tall skinny blokes. Met him tons of times. Lovely bloke to boot.


Bought Mika's DVD at Christmas on a whim. Am pretty hooked now. The concert seemed amazing (Have just booked to see him at Hammersmith Apollo on the 25th Feb - so slightly looking forward to that - Hope to see some of you there hopefully). But it was actually the documentary on the DVD that really opened my eyes up to him. He just seems so nice. I love the way he talks - he's so sodding cute and bloody sexy at the same time. Have been looking on the internet for site's on him - and obviously stumbled across this place - though the gallery caught my attention first :roftl:


So now I'm a bonafide Mika nut - abit late - but I'm here none the less....



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Hey and welcome!


A word of warning, once you've seen him live things get far far far worse!!!


Really hope to see you at Hammersmith, I'll be the one dressed as a Black and Gold Jester wandering around with a guy dressed as Holy Johnny!:naughty:

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