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A Bright and Shiny Hello from the US


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Hello there...


I am Angela from North Carolina, in the USA and I am proud to be a Mika fan..hehe...


I am probably the oldest one here and if I am, sorry... Fans come in all ages and sizes and stuff...lol


I am an artist, the kind that paints and draws, not the musical kind. However, I adore music.


I am a SAHM of 3 beautiful girls that share my giggles and screams for Mika.


I actually just heard of Mika a few months ago, my first introduction to Mika was Big Girls.... I was hooked... I love his music, his looks and his dancing, but I think what I love most is his colorful personality...Well and those dreamy lips and eyes......


Ok, I hope that is enough for an introduction, I am off to read the forums!



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Hello Angela, and welcome, I'm sure you're going to enjoy it here.

And there are plenty of, let's just say, over 21s :naughty: Or at least double that!

I bet you're not the oldest, but if you were, no one cares here!


Edit: I've just looked at your profile and I can tell you with confidence that you're not the oldest here, by a long chalk!

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What a wonderful welcome from you guys!


I so wish I lived in the UL or France right now.... I would love to go see Mika... Humpfhhhh...


I can wait though, hopefully he will do a tour here...hehe...


I will share my art soon, I am already starting a portrait of Mika, I don't know what it is, I have an absolute obsession with him, like I was a little school girl....lol




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Hi Angela, just to say i have just joined the Mika family today and can assure you age doesnt really come into it, i share the dancing, giggles and fun with my daughter and my 2 grand daughters and adore him, i admire his talent, his style, his sense of humour, really enjoy and envy his energy, he just makes me want to dance and sing.... i run a greek kafenion in Crete and they all get a dose of Mika at least 4 times a day.....they are quite fond of him now and are use to me jumping around dancing and singing to "Love Today" so enjoy!!!!

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