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Happy Birthday chickadee!


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Thanks very much guys!:blush-anim-cl: This is quite lovely. And unexpected.

:biggrin2: ISN'T IT ?????!!! I SOOOOO LOOOOOVED HAVING MY B'DAY ON MFC !!!! WAS SOOO THPETHIAL .... I truly had a great time .... (esp. whilst enjoying the midday champers ...)

:naughty::wink2: .... I reckon everyone is worthy of an MFC B'day DAY !!!!! :wub2:

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Happy Birthday Chickadee! Hope you've had a good day, it's nearly over for you isn't it (I'm crap with time zones, sorry :boxed:)


:yay: (I love this smiley the best!)







yep, got about 15 mins to go for me. you know i've been wished happy birthday by more mfc'ers online today than told it by people in my RL!

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