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Hello from Switzerland to all MIKA-fans !!


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Hi everybody :wink2: !!


I just joined the club and would like to thank my new MFC-friends (Girl from Ukrainia and two ladies from Sweden :wink2: ) which I had the great chance to meet at Carling Academy Brixton on february 26th!!


It was the third time I saw MIKA... and I still don't have enough :wink2: ..!!

The first time I saw him in Winterthur, then at Carling Academy Brixton on december 2nd and the 3rd time just this week... now I'm looking for my next MIKA concert in France, because I don't know if he'll come back to Switzerland again... hope so, we'll see.... :wink2:


Every MIKA concert is just real happiness for me - last tuesday I left Switzerland in a very sad mood with my little daily problems.., and after the concert I just came back with sparkling eyes filled with stars, and my heart filled with love and joy... THANK YOU MIKA - YOU'RE SOOOOOOO GREAT!!!!!! :thumb_yello:


I'm looking forward to read your messages and already say thank you to you all...!!


And.... sorry if there are some errors with my english... I do my best... :wink2: ...!


So... bye bye and... Relax - take it easy :thumb_yello: !!

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Hello hello!

You must be the S. from Switzeland I talked to in the queue, and after my recomendation you really joined our little mad club :naughty: . In that case I am that person you are writing about, but not from Ukraine.. I`m from Slovakia. :wink2:

Welcome on the MFC deck and enjoy!

I`ll pm you now, and to Sienna from Sweden too. I am and them all sure are happy to have you here. So sit down, relax and have fun with us and Mika (-:

Lots of Mika love :mf_lustslow:

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