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Mika and Katy Perry in Serbian BRAVO mag


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I know it's an 'old' info,but since there's nothing especially new about Mika in a past few weeks I decided to post this...




It was in Serbian BRAVO magazine,on 9. October...

So here's the translation:



(below the pic : Hey Mika,you're a horse! Katy (they wrote 'Kate') leaves the crazy party in a big style.


You're wondering what's happening here?! Well,here's the explanation in what context was this picture taken. So,capture this : the midnight has passed hours ago,and Mika (25) and Katy Perry (23) are leaving the crazy party in London in a very provocative pose. When we add the fact that the two of them while the already mentioned party haven't separated from each other and that Mika was acting like a true gentleman all the time,and that at the end he even took her out from the party on his back,only one question strikes : what is Katy's boyfriend Travis McCoy (27) gonna say about this?



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It's because he was with Katy though. They probably wouldn't have bothered if he'd been on his own!


Yeah,I think so too...in this number they published a big long interview with Katy and her poster too :naughty:


But again,when he was with Adele,they didn't mention a thing about that...

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