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mika in...... billy brown, the big girl and the lollipop girl

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It was 1996 and mika, fortune, paloma and yasmin had to be sent to the countryside because on the war. On the train, it was very boring and everyone fell asleep apat from the younest, little mika who was worried about his parents, living in their cold house, listening to the planes and worrying of he would ever see his parents again....


the train stopped and the penniman siblings stepped off the train and stood, waiting to be picked and hoping that they would be together. Everyone was picked and the pennimans were the only ones left and they were beggining to lose hope when a scary looking man who looked a bit like this-x30154144264464264.jpg came riding over in a carrige being pulled by 4 white horses. "hello my name is simon cowell and i will be taking you to happy ending hall to meet raffa cobeiski who will be in charge of you untill the war is over" said simon. the kids were totally stunned at simon and his big white grin and plain t-shirt and got into the carrige without a single word. the ride seemed neverending and simon went over the rules of the manor:


no bad singing

no running

no rubbish dancing

no playing my piano

no getting on peoples nerves

no shouting

no touching any historical atifacts



after a tantalising 3 hour drive, happy ending hall came into sight.....



to be continued....:naughty:




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To me to talk it is useless, if I do not understand a theme)). I do not know language.)). Funny, you speak? There there were words about war, it somehow not funny sounds...

I at all have not understood, this beginning as though of the story or the script?

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happy ending hall was so beautiful, the pennimans couldnt beleive it and immeadiately wanted to explore. simon led them inside and lined them up on the 2nd step of the grand marble staircase in age order, then raffa came out of a little room, talking excitedly to another mysterious woman with a scarf around her neck, face and head.


"hello my dears, you must be the pennimans!, this is madame cherisse and she will be reading your palms later, but first you must go and unpack in your rooms. just follow the staircase up to the top, but mind you dont go in the tower! its dangerous. So fortune, yasmin and mika went all the way up the stair case and found the door to their bedroom, but as mika was smaller, he couldnt get up as fast and went through the tower door...


to be continued

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CHAPTER 3!!!!!


Mika went right up to the tower and opened the large, old door and walked inside....



*wonders whether to write the next bit....







it was pitch black but strangely, too warm to be still in the tower....






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