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So, lately I've been thinking of what's Mika's position here in Serbia. I've been collecting aaall of the clippings from magazines and saving them in one file, and a few days ago I scanned (almost) all of them. :biggrin2:

In the past few months I noticed that they have been mentioning him in many TV shows and that his music was in the background of some of them. I was especially thrilled when I saw one of our biggest pop-stars here in Serbia, Nataša Bekvalac...






...saying in one show that Mika was the greatest pop artist in 2008. Later on they played "Relax" and "Grace Kelly", I simply couldn't believe it!!!


Our singer Aleksandra Radović has her own Musical Education School where she teaches kids singing and playing various instruments.




In one show when she talked about it, they played one boy in the school singing "Relax"! :shocked:


I'll be posting scans from the magazines and links for the LiCM reviews and other forums where they discussed about him in the next few posts. :wink2:

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BRAVO 2008.



Blic Puls, 2008. - Serbian interviewer Danijela Jankov mentioned "Grace Kelly" as her favourite song of the summer 2007.



OK! 2007, - his pic in the horoscope for Leo :roftl:

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Christina Aguilera Serbian website; many many positive comments about him




On the Queeria site, a positive review




LiCM review on Madonna's Serbian website, Top 10 albums of 2007




A very negative review on POPBOKS.com



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I've got a few more links but currently they're unavailable :blink: so when (and if) they work I will post them too! :thumb_yello:


There was also a thread on here about voting for Mika to come on the EXIT festival in Novi Sad




Sadly, there weren't enough votes for him so he isn't going to some this year either. :sad:


I would so want him to come to my country and have a gig. I am sure there would be a lot of fans coming. :punk: *sigh* :wub2:

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Lucky Serbians!:thumb_yello:


In my country it's completely quiet about him!:wink2:


Well, it is the same situation with him here in the maagzines; in 2009 I haven't seen any pic of his in the mags, but they do mention him a lot on the TV! :thumb_yello:

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thx for posting those scans, keti. saved some I had never seen :


Glad you like them! :D



TFP ::


Yo Mika! k:





keti,wonderful thread:


ali ovi vasi/nasi nazovi kako hoces- su totalno sranje od novinara...samo ga blate i podjebavaju:: uh....




To jeste...al' jbg, makar pišu nešto o njemu :boxed:



What adorable pictures in the magazines! :


Can't wait to read the text later! Thanks for posting for us! :


No problem dear :wub2:



Everybody loves Mika.




Oh God yes mine too! It sucks.:


Thanks for posting! :


You're welcome!



Great job, Keti!:t:


Thanks! :D



thank you, Keti! :flowers2:....I love features about MIKA! :thumb_yello:


Thats one nice collection! :: Thanks for posting! ::


You're welcome!!

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Thank you so much for all the scans and infos Keti!!

Didn't know he was well known and mentioned so often in mags and TV shows in Serbia!

Sorry for Novi Sad :( Hope there will be other opportunities in the future! :)

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