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On The Download: Mika Live In Los Angeles


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(I think this takes the sting out of that "other" review... :thumb_yello:)


LOS ANGELES, Calif. --


Proving that he’s still the flashy showman that charmed crowds across the globe, Mika made his return to Los Angeles last Friday. Fresh off the heels of his second album, the Beirut-born performer brought a whimsical stage show to the Palladium Theatre in Hollywood.


After a prologue by good pal Sir Ian McKellan as a newscaster announcing a space launch gone wrong, the flamboyant entertainer delighted his LA audience to hits from his first album and the newly released “The Boy Who Knew Too Much.”


Mika “landed” at the Palladium and stepped onstage in an astronaut costume and not long after stripped down to nothing but his undies! Returning to the stage in a colorful jacket and a painted face, Mika opened the show with “Relax (Take It Easy)” an energetic track from his debut “Life in Cartoon Motion.”


After performing “Stuck In the Middle,” and “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)” from his debut, Mika delighted the audience with “Dr. John” from his new CD. During the infectious new single “Blame It On the Girls,” he divided the audience in half, one group singing the title lyric and the other chanting “Blame In On the Boys.”


Some songs were even given a makeover — “Lollipop” got a tropical acoustic makeover, and “Billy Brown” got a high-energy update. Mika vocally never sounded better when he debuted “Touches You,” a poppy anthem that sounds like something George Michael may have recorded. He also showcased his vocal range on the ballad “I See You” and reminded everyone that he’s a skilled pianist on “Pick Up Off the Floor.”


Having had the pleasure to chat with the Englishman last month, Mika said that his fans in LA were especially enthusiastic. The turnout of mostly girls and gay men didn’t disappoint, most of which were singing and dancing to every catchy tune. Some even wore balloon animal headdresses! Famous friend Katy Perry even showed up to catch the excitement.


Mika wrapped it up with an encore that included “Toy Boy,” a song about loneliness, and had everyone jumping one more time for “Grace Kelly,” the song that started it all.



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Much better review, especially the part that says "vocally, mika never sounded better"

T4P, Deb.


Yeah, that's what I thought was so funny -- since it was the LA show

that the other "critic" walked out on, right? Just goes to show how

people's perceptions can vary so widely.


BTW, Access Hollywood is a popular syndicated entertainment television

show here in the US, rather like Entertainment Tonight, if you know what

that is. As opposed to "unknown critic"...

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