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Hello everyone^^


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Good evening people ^^


I'm Isuzusan (Valentine in the reality v.v), and I'm from France (so imagine that I have a big french accent when I'm writing XD). It's the first time I come on an all english forum, so I'm a little bit nervous ^^"

The first time I heard about Mika, It was.... some years ago, with Relax... But I didn't pay attention to him... Until the day I heard Rain and fell in love with the song :wub2: (... and with Mika at the same time XD)

And now I'm an irrecoverable fan of Mika :biggrin2:

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Hi and welcome to the MFC :bye:


You will find lots of languages spoken here, not just English :naughty:


Check this: http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2857016&postcount=12


Oh! Thank you for this link :original:

But when I say an "all english forum", I mean that the main part of the site is in english^^


to .iwa: we say "Bonne nuit" =)


Everyone, Thank you for welcoming^^

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"a Lollipop" is "une sucette" lol

(Personally I have a preference for the word "Lollipop"... I wonder whyy XD)


Me too! English always sounds better to me than French!

And I'm French as well!:teehee:

Welcome to MFC family, Mika lovers' best place to be! :huglove:

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