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I love mika (LLL)


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i started to love mika when i had 12 years old like naw but in april.

i went to his concert i liked mika but i wasn't a fan and in the gig i feel something new :shocked: because it's not the same lisent mika's song in a CD like in live like in a gig it was very colorful it was like other world i like it!!

and when it finished i started to be his fan. I LOVE HIM!!:mf_lustslow::mf_lustslow:


19-4-10 spain BEST DAY EVER:naughty:

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I loved Mika the first time I heard him on the radio without having seen what he looks like, And even more since I saw him live :mf_lustslow:

But no matter the way we discovered him the more important is that we all love him here :thumb_yello:




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