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Zenith Nancy, France - 9 October 2015 REPORTS/PICS/VIDS


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From MIKA's Facebook page:


We are thrilled to confirm that Mika's voice is sufficiently rested and he is able to perform in Nancy tonight. See you in a few hours!

Nous sommes très heureux de confirmer que la voix de Mika est suffisamment reposée pour qu'il puisse chanter à Nancy ce soir. À très bientôt!





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L'Est Républicain


Nancy : Mika terrasse le Zénith L’artiste a submergé plus de 4.500 fans, ce vendredi soir, avec un show hallucinant

09/10/2015 à 23:56

Les fans ont croisé les doigts pendant plus de vingt-quatre heures. Mika ayant annulé deux concerts les jours précédents, la faute à une sournoise laryngite. Remis sur ses Louboutin, il était bel et bien présent ce vendredi soir, au Zénith de Nancy, devant 4.500 personnes, bien serrées, n’en pouvant plus… Sur scène, on devinait rapidement que le show allait être à la hauteur des espérances d‘un public surchauffé. Mika entrait en scène.


La caravane s’animait, prenait vie, même au fil des morceaux envoyés avec une voix ménagée, certes, mais avec l’énergie caractérisant le garçon. « No Place in Heaven » puis « Big Girl » faisait bondir la foule et les « Good Wives » d’un Zénith sous le charme de « Grace Kelly »… Le cœur de Mika faisait alors « Boum Boum Boum » et en « Good Guy » qu’il est, mettait sur orbite un énorme globe brillant de mille feux, tel une boule à facette…


Bondissant d’un côté à l’autre de la scène, le juré emblématique de The Voice, après un changement de costume express, restait « Relax », les portes du paradis apparaissaient et « Underwater », une fois n’est pas coutume en Lorraine, ne refroidissait pas la fournaise nancéienne puisque « Staring at the Sun » confirmait que Mika « avait le soleil ». Et surtout du talent au moment de reprendre, a cappella, « Happy Ending » qui lançait la dernière salve et rappel devant une salle terrassée avec « Love Today ».


De retour avec un nouvel album et une tournée européenne, Mika l’inclassable a assommé le Zénith de Nancy avec un show incroyable, réussissant à faire l’impasse sur les technologies de pointe, et autres leds, au profit de techniques simples capables de provoquer l’émerveillement et de déclencher des vagues d’émotions incroyables. Et ce, quel que soit l’âge. Mika, à la classe internationale, a gagné son pari. A la fin, le public se demandait encore ce qui lui était arrivé !

































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yes, he's back...and me too for a lonely one gig in 2015.....sadly!  :unsure:

i didn't see so much familary faces, only some frenchies.....


btw, here is some videos as usual:



Pics will be soon on https://www.facebook.com/fanny.fouchonneret?fref=nfi think ;)

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yes, he's back...and me too for a lonely one gig in 2015.....sadly!  :unsure:

i didn't see so much familary faces, only some frenchies.....


btw, here is some videos as usual:



Pics will be soon on https://www.facebook.com/fanny.fouchonneret?fref=nfi think ;)

Thanks a million Fanny !!!

MIKA ZENITH NANCY arrivée + no place in heaven + big girls


MIKA ZENITH NANCY "docteur" + grace kelly


MIKA ZENITH NANCY démo "boum boum boum"




good guys fin


MIKA ZENITH NANCY good guys (entière)


MIKA ZENITH NANCY miss piggy + the origin of love




MIKA ZENITH NANCY staring at the sun

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Hi There  :) 


Finally back from my tumultuous trip to Nancy! so after a few hours of rest, here is my little report ;)


As it was still uncertain that the gig would actually happen when I left home in the morning, I must admit that I was very pleased and released to hear that Mika was feeling better enough to do the gig when we arrived in Nancy a few hours later.



The start of the day was just perfect! I've spent an amazing afternoon with some of my oldest and dearest mikafriends visiting Nancy and we had an amazing time! As we were all in different part of the world during the past few years, it was our first gig all together since 2010 so it was absolutely a very special one for me.



We went to the venue a few minutes before the door opening and found ourselves what we thought was a good spot at the very back of the standing area. As the place was quite small, we were not that far from the stage, right in the middle.



Let's be honest, the poor guy who replaced the citizens yesterday was an absolute nightmare to me ( I believe his name was Eddy smthg, I don’t remember it…). I'm usually quite open-minded when it comes to discovering new artists but I have to admit that he was NOT my cut of tea at all... singing french songs with totally stupids lyrics and trying to put effects on his voice that made him more sound like a suffering goat than anything else... anyway, I was happy when it came to an end and a bit disappointed not to hear what the Citizens sound like as I’ve already heard many good things about them.



I was so excited when Mika finally came on stage. As Nancy was my only date of the Heaven tour, I really wanted to have the surprise to discover the show only once I’ll be there. Therefore I've spent the last few weeks trying to avoid vids or pics from other gigs. And it worked pretty well. The set is really amazing and I’m very impressed by the work it should have been to create everything. It really makes you travel into Mika’s world and I liked it a lot.



The beginning of the gig was amazing!! of course we could clearly hear his voice was still a bit weak on a few songs, and Mika spoke a lot about his doctor and the shows he had to cancel, but globally I'm very impressed by the performance he gave us regarding his illness, the cancelled shows, etc... I was over the moon when he sang Good Wife because that’s one of my favorite track on the album and I was so much expecting to hear it live. I think I love it even more now that I did :teehee:  The audience was great and quite responsive. My only negative comment is that there were really too many French songs according to my taste but I wasn’t expecting anything else when going to a gig in France, that’s just normal. Still, I’ll never get the point to translate, badly, songs that already exists in English like Staring at the sun, grace kelly or, even worse, Lollipop… without speaking of l’Amour fait ce qu’il veut… anyway that is just my personal taste and I think I’ll simply avoid gigs in France as much as I can in the future to solve that ^^


At one point a girl screamed something to Mika and he started joking about her voice sounding like Miss Piggy’s one, that was hilarious and he kept talking to her a few times after that which was quite funny.



The only real problem during the gig was that the temperature was SO high in the venue. I really don’t think there were any air conditioning on during the whole gig… with so many people inside, the lights, etc, the place quickly became to be like Hell for real. The major result of that was that people, instead of getting as close to the stage as possible as they usually do, started to get a few steps backwards little by little in order to have a little space to breath in front of them. As we were at the very back, we ended up being pushed against the walls with no way to move anywhere else as people kept pushing towards the back of the venue. That wasn’t much of a problem for me except that my vision of the stage got quite smaller as I had to deal with a friend of mine standing like 40 cm right in front of me with no way to move on one side or another. She couldn’t do anything about that and I personally didn’t bother that much and found a way to see what I could.



But when Mika started to sing Elle me dit, I started to feel quite uncomfortable about the situation and I suddenly felt very bad…I felt very tired, then the entire venue was turning around my eyes and I couldn’t hear anything except strange noises. Luckily a friend who was next to me saw that just in time to grab my arm and help me finding a way to the next exit and then completely out of the venue. She got me something to drink and I started feeling better after I could sit down and take some wide breathing of fresh air. But I could barely stand on my feet and it took me a long time to completely feel well. After that, my friend and I were not exactly enthusiastic with the idea of getting back into this giant hoven so we heard the last part of the show from outside.  we missed many songs, especially Happy ending and it’s a capella ending but we still enjoyed hearing what we could from outside (a security guy also found it pretty funny to see both of us sitting outside singing out loud every song :mf_rosetinted: ). And then the gig was over.


I think this might have been the worst gig experience I’ve had so far and I’m quite sad and disappointed my only chance to experience the Heaven tour ended up like that but I’m still very happy to have seen part of it  :thumb_yello: 


Mika came out of the venue after a while and got out of the car to sign some stuff. I wasn’t really expecting him to come out as he was still a bit ill, so I was kind of surprised to see it happening.


But there were many people pushing him towards the car and in the end he got back inside quite quickly. I have to admit it really makes me feel uncomfortable to see him in such conditions (yes I know it’s part of his job and he is kind of used to that but I’ll never be I guess and I really dislike having to see this…I’ll simply stop waiting for him after a gig as it’s becoming smthg quite common over here to have people screaming at him and harassing him when he comes out). The only “funny” part was that when the driver finally managed to find a way to get through the people, he only went a few meters away then got quite confused about where to go next and turned on the place to come back to it’s first point so that we saw some people scream and run after the car in circle which was pretty funny. When he finally went away 4 or 5 cars full of stupid people followed him closely…. I don’t know how the driver got rid of them but I hope he did quickly because their behavior was pretty dangerous…


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yes, very amazing moment ;)



"je devais pas chanter cette chanson, mais je vais la chanter sinon c'est con....si je casse quelques notes, c'est de la faute du docteur....sa piqûre marseillaise! Dans le muscle, là!"  :das:


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That was my last show of the year... But it was nice to end it with a show in my local area  :wub:


The videos I took (You can hear my little sisters time to time but otherwise the sound is good):


- Over My Shoulder: 


- No Place In Heaven: 


- End of Happy Ending: 


- Lollipop: 


- Talk About You: 


- Staring At The Sun: 


And my pictures: https://www.facebook.com/vanessa.hamm.96/media_set?set=a.10204859128664810.1073741837.1437138365&type=1 :)

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