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  1. Hooo, I see..... Then my thought is that there is no double meaning, just the translator being wrong. Otherwise it would not be a silence before 'moi"
  2. It's not Mika French It's not grammaticaly totaly right , but it's a very common way when people want to accentuate the "first person personal pronom". I didn't take care of the translation for obvious reasons ..... but I agree with @Anna Ko Kolkowska , the translator didn't get the right meaning
  3. in "Je sais pas faire .....moi" ;the fact that there is a pause between "moi" and the rest of the sentence shows that the "moi" is kindda way to accentuate the "je" at the beginning . Imo the final "moi" doesn't have to be translated because as you said it sounds strange in English. Same if you put the "moi" at the beginning of the next sentence I'm quite sure that it's intentional
  4. Je te souhaite un bon anniversaire.

    1. carafon


      Merci Nicole ......on se voit bientôt :wink2: 

  5. Bonne anniversaire!



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    2. carafon


      Thank you very much !

      And don't forget ......there is one more important birthday than mine .......Amira !




    3. Hero


      Happy Birthday! 🎉🎂🎁🎶




    4. Prisca


      Happy belated Birthday Joelle :yay:




  6. Maybe Japan or Korea ?.....I think that ice skating is quite popular in these countries But it just may be because the weather in Europe is too bad to run outside
  7. Could it rather be for his new tv project he didn't want to talk about ? Something like an ice skating contest for celebrities ??????
  8. @holbrookjdm on X is looking for a ticket
  9. Can you add me to the "maybe" list ?
  10. He said in an interview that he was inspired by a newspaper tittle saying something like "after apocalypse a million of flowers bloom" . I may be wrong but I imagine the end of the concert that way And I want to say ...... I love your signature a lot !
  11. Congrats....... And good luck!
  12. I've got one if you're still interrested or have some more friends who want to come with you
  13. He says "rire" " c'est dommage que ta voix ne soit pas dans cette interview car elle me fait rire" "It's a shame your voice isn't in this interview because it makes me laught "
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