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  1. carafon

    French speaking thread - Part 5

    Evitez aussi de le faire quand il y a de la chorégraphie …... histoire que personne ne tombe dessus ! Peut etre tout à la fin ?
  2. carafon

    Konbini : Le Track ID de Mika

    Not only new years eve but also weddings ...…..and any occasion where there's a lot to drink!! Well if you realy want to know more about it …….here it is
  3. carafon

    der Deutsch thread part 4

    So werden wir zumindest in Strasbourg und Zurich wiedersehen Ich weiss noch nicht ob ich in Luxembourg and Bercy gehen konnte Hast du setzen oder stehen platz in Bercy ?
  4. carafon

    Konbini : Le Track ID de Mika

    Thank you Eriko for all these links 👍
  5. carafon

    Mika in France Inter Radio 14th of June 2019

    So far I've got no spare time to listen the whole interview , but if I remember more new things I'll let you know Maybe the people who got inside the venue have a better memory than mine ???
  6. carafon

    Mika in France Inter Radio 14th of June 2019

    Many things he already said somewhere else just in a different way I listened to the podcast today while eating coming back from work so I just noticed : -A joke about the drumers who are supposed to be easy to date ….with no real explanation -It's only now that he realises that his father is kind of a hero because he was always in the shadow of his mother -He had some good talk with other guests about music ,feminism (making the girl laughing because the word "female" in French isn't realy apropriate for a human being ) and stuff I don't remember -One thing that shocked me is that he talked about his grandmother on a gramatical past way …. does it mean that she passed away ? So far the radios and emissions where he promoted the album are realy good ones , at least in France ….
  7. We're not old….….. just young from longer ….. Of course it's just one idea and the album cover can give more inspiration The good thing with painting is that we get free hands (as we'll be busy with our winter clothes ,I thought it was a good solution)
  8. I know it's a bit early but in case I'd forget I was thinking of an easy fan action for this gig I guess there will be many MFCers and it's the very first date of the tour (as US small venues are due to september ,before the album release) So ,what about eveyone having a face painting like Mika on the poster with the "REVELATION" word written with coloured fluo pens ??? Could be nice if it brightens in the dark and it's not dangerous for the dancers
  9. carafon

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    It still would be nice to have some report and pictures ……..
  10. carafon

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    It's very lovely but in my opinion ,if she wants a career for herself she has to forget about being a fan of her coach and find a good team to help her
  11. carafon

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    Nobody to make a quick report and/or share pictures of the MFCers backstage party ? (Don't want to post pictures or vidéos that are not mine ….)
  12. Hope to be there with 2 friends ….just waiting to have the tickets to be sure!
  13. carafon

    Tour rumours 2019

    You 'll maybe have some dates in summer festivals 🤞 It's only the beginning of the tour so quite logical that he started in the country where his fame is higher
  14. carafon

    Ice Cream

    2 hours or so to wait for you …...