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Le Phare Toulouse FRANCE 11th October 2015 : REPORTS/PICS/VIDS


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Love you report, Melyssa! Thanks a lot! We have rare opportunities to know the stage point of view. Thank you for sharing your experience about this hour you spent there, with so much details and humour! It helps us understand what Mika sees and how he feels on stage. In conclusion for me: if I ever get the chance to be called by Mika on stage, I know now that (in shoes or in socks) I won't hesitate! ^_^

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PS Melyssa, one question: can you tell me if you could see well the 2 banners "TOULOUSE aime MIKA" + "2 fois PLUS!"? As there has been no pic of them, I'd like to know if Mika could clearly see/read them...


We could see it perfectly well, really. And even before people began to put it up we could see it very fine ;)

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I didn't mind one second that this was long Melyssa. It's very well written! Haha, I'm extremely jealous, and also very happy that you got to experience something like this. Mika is truly just GOLDEN *_*

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:thumb_yello: Thank you all,  for sharing your experiences in Toulouse! :hug:  And Melyssa - OMG :shocked:   another proof that with MIKA we never know what happens - "the sky is the limit"  :naughty: I'm sure this's a night to remember - for ever! :) 




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Sorry for the up, I just discovered yesterday that I finally took more than 2 pics before popping on stage, but my camera had put it all in a mysterious secret file - I do love my cam but can't understand how the storage works (also I have to confess I don't remember taking those either but I apparently managed to keep myself quite busy for 5 songs Xd)


Anyway, it was a happy discovery, and I found some of them too beautiful not to come back to this thread  :blush-anim-cl:



Part 1 of 3:































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