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2015 - Zenith de PARIS ! 17th October: REPORTS/PICS/VIDS


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A short report, since nobody else seems to have written one yet. Loved the show! I am in Paris with my daughter (almost 7) so we took it easy. We arrived at the venue at around 6ish, and there was the longest line......with people trying to sneak in from the sides and skip it  :sneaky2: 

We ended up in some pretty good seats towards the left side. The concert was quite similar to the one in Milan, which is the other larger one I attended in this tour. Mika had great energy. He started with NPIH, then pretty much standard set (big girl, good wife....etc...).

I noticed that the audience was on fire especially with the old songs. Relax really made everybody around me stand up and dance. At least those around me did not seem to really know the songs from the new album. There were lots of families with kids, and I noticed that also the kids knew the old lyrics, not really the new ones. Emme me dit of course was also a hit. Underwater was as always beautiful with lots of stars from the lights on the mobile phones.

He did not actually sing too many french songs....(not even l'amour l'a l'a a-mour...sorry Miri  :)). Promiseland was there :)

I really liked the new rhythmic beginning of Lollipop, maybe especially because I really hated the version in Milan with that lady screaming the italian version "le caramelle fanno male" (candies are bad for you).

He did again a snippet of Happy ending without mic. That was quite something.

Overall a great concert. He was in great energy, jumping all around. He started with a suit which I actually liked (blue with some white horse or unicorn all around, sorry I did not take pictures, my camera broke last week.... :( ) and then changed to more casual outfits.

He was talkative but not too much I would say. At least I do not remember any fun story he told.

It was quite late for my daughter when it ended (two hours show) so we left pretty much immediately. We just had time to say a quick hi to Nina and her lovely family.

  Enjoy London tonight everybody!

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Je viens partager avec vous quelques photos du concert au Zénith.

Merci pour les rapports et les vidéos ! :thumb_yello:


Et à Mika un ENORME MERCI pour la joie et le bonheur que j'ai pu ressentir lors des différents concerts auxquels j'ai eu la chance d'assister grâce à ton immense talent, ta gentillesse et ta générosité !   :wub:  Chapeau bas ! Respect et admiration !

A bientôt à The Voice et j'espère, à des prochains concerts !


post-23569-0-21501400-1445183275_thumb.jpg  post-23569-0-92326600-1445183538_thumb.jpg  post-23569-0-17650500-1445183784_thumb.jpg   post-23569-0-91683200-1445183964_thumb.jpg  post-23569-0-63855900-1445184089_thumb.jpg   post-23569-0-22164600-1445184371_thumb.jpg  post-23569-0-47450200-1445184588_thumb.jpg  post-23569-0-77367200-1445184807_thumb.jpgpost-23569-0-38627800-1445184997_thumb.jpg  post-23569-0-64724400-1445185257_thumb.jpg  post-23569-0-31705200-1445185384_thumb.jpg  post-23569-0-52733900-1445185679_thumb.jpg  post-23569-0-57438200-1445185948_thumb.jpg  post-23569-0-03251300-1445186156_thumb.jpg  post-23569-0-36122700-1445186352_thumb.jpg  post-23569-0-08091800-1445186627_thumb.jpg  post-23569-0-71887700-1445186871_thumb.jpg  post-23569-0-66014800-1445186976_thumb.jpg   

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Paris was amazing! :wub:  It was my first concert of the tour, and gosh, having the Mika-live-feeling again, seeing the beautiful new stage! It was one of the best decisions ever to do Paris.  :fangurl:


After having some great days together with Log Lady discovering the town it was time for the concert. I went there only at half past 6 (sadly alone as Log Lady didn't manage to find a new ticket - still sorry, girl :unsure: ) because when I'm in Paris I want to take advantage of that, so we had a great day in Versailles. The first thing I saw after arriving at the Zenith was a waiting line. Well, not a waiting line, but a WAITING LINE. I had to walk backwards to find the end as I did arrive at the "wrong" site and it seemed to have no end :blink:


With so many people in front of me naturally I only got a space afar, around 15-20th row. But I still had an amazing view  :D  It was incredible, normally you ALWAYS have this one big guy directly in front of you  :mf_rosetinted:  But not this time, only small people in front of me. I could even see his knees while he sat at the piano as well as when he was standing in front of the microphone. And as I really enjoy being directly in the crowd as I love seeing people reacting, nothing better than to dance and jump and clap together with others, but on the same time often have often problems with seeing less as I'm rather small, this was like the perfect situation :groovy:


And the crowd was very good one, reacting, participating.  Already when the Citizens were on stage people where clapping and dancing. This was such a good start, as it showed from the beginning that the crowd was very "open". And of course it was nice for the Citizens as it's so hard for support acts sometimes.


Mika did start with NPIH. And I did thought he did sound strange. But it seems like it was some sound problem as I never had the impression again after NPIH. The 2nd song was Big Girl. And I'll never say anything against this song again :naughty: (maybe :teehee::P ). Really, I did enjoy it so much. The intro, the different instrumentation, and most of all how he immediately got the crowd. From that point on he totally "had me". This feeling when you are in a vortex, and there's just Mika and the music, and you don't think anymore, and just feel, and sing and dance… :dance_man::fangurl:


And he was so full of energy this evening. Jumping around, blooming, sparkling, giving everything.


Special highlights for me were the acapella part of Happy Ending (even at my place you could hear him so well), the playful Lollipop and Last Party. Last Party felt so "big" at the end and blew me away. And of course Promiseland! This was the song I REALLY wanted to hear. When I recognized the first notes of Promiseland I couldn't stop myself from spontaneously screaming  "Yeeeeeessss!!!!!!!!!!" (The girl next to me looked at me like: :blink: And me: "I'm sorry, but it's Promiseland!" :boing: )


Gosh, and I did love the stage design! :fangurl: :fangurl: :fangurl: Of course I had seen pictures, but I tried to avoid videos, so it was still a surprise. Pictures aren't doing the stage justice at all. Seeing all these little details, seeing all the different things that are hidden in the caravan coming into light one by one, the glowing heaven sign, the gate of heaven after the "curtain" did drop. And everything so colorful, but with strong lines, and this puppet theatre feeling. Just amazing.


And we had confetti! :cheerful_h4h: I love confetti and was a bit sad he didn't do it this time. But than totally unexpected beautiful colorful confetti did start to rain down on us at the end of WAG. As I didn't expect that to happen at all it was 10times more awesome :D


Afterwards I had the pleasure of getting to know Camille and Melyssa for real. Thanks girls for talking in English and translating a lot to me. I didn't stay too long though, though, walking through the gardens of Versailles and a Mika gig at the same day were just too much. But I'd do it every time again :D Such an amazing day and gig!

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