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Hello from France fellow friends ! :D


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Hello everyone ! My name is Honorine, I'm about to be 19 and from France. 


I remember listening to Mika - well, only love today - when I was in primary school so probably the year it came out ! And then it's blurry but I found out about Mika again in middle school when I was 14, loved him again for the longest time and discovered the MFC back then ! But then time went by, and for some reason I slowly stopped listening, before listening here and there. Now, I had bought a ticket for a concert here in Nancy the 9th of october and don't get me wrong, I was still very excited about it but not as much as I used to be. 


But that night came around, and - OMG. My love is found again lol. I enjoyed this gig so much it gave me that boost I had before when listening to him. I rediscovered all the songs, the new ones - that I now know by heart - as well, and my world now revolves around Mika again and that feels amazing. By pure luck, I found the MFC site again and decided to create an account because I know you guys are amazing ! Mika's fans are the best and I can't wait to meet you all sweet faces :naughty:


I hope you're all having a wonderful day / night wherever you are !   :hug:

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What a sweet introduction!


Have fun here, Honorine!!


I'm Myriam, and I'm from Rome, welcome on board!! :boat29:



:france:   :mika3:  :italia:

Thank you ! Rome though, I'd love to visit Italie it's so beautiful !  :) Loving the flags haha !  :wub:



Welcome to the MFC and have a lot of fun here. :wink2:

We all know what seeing Mika live can do to us. Many of us became addicted and now have to see him again and again and agian......

Thank you so much ! 

I know right? I wanted to see him for so long, but honestly I just want to see him again so bad now... You're right, I think I'm addicted  :teehee:


Hi, welcome and enjoy MFC :wink2:

Thank you! You're all awesome and so warm I love it  :hug:

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Welcome :) You're so lucky that you got to see Mika!!!! 


Thank you ! Yes I know right? Unfortunately i was quite far away from the stage cause my best friend and I had troubles coming to the place so we arrived 10 minutes after it started (hopefully it was only the first part playing) but that meant we were quite far... Still enjoyed it a tone though ! I'm looking forward his next tour :D


:bye: Welcome to MFC Honorine :huglove:

My name is Anne, I'm French too and I am Mikaddicted :biggrin2:

Enjoy yourself on MFC :thumb_yello:


Thank you  :teehee:  

Haha french power ! It's so weird, Mika is really popular here but I never get to meet Mikaddicts  :shocked: 

Nice to meet you  :hug:

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