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  1. sure!! it's been a little quiet
  2. Hey guys, sorry for ditching you all for like a year. I miss you guys :P also uni has been hell and is sucking my life force away so i've had little time to catch up on her. Hopefully I can come back on soon. 

  3. This makes me super happy as my performance dance troupe did a dance to this a few years ago
  4. I love the series so far!!! Bill is so much better than Clara! I liked her but Bill is way cooler. I also love the teacher/student relationship with the Doctor. I was getting annoyed with all the stupid romance crap that happened with every companion. I guess that's why Donna is my favourite companionn
  5. Haha Mikado is the french name for Pick Up Sticks and it's like a biscuity stick coated in chocolate.
  6. I got my Mika mail from Silver and I just want to say thank you for the amazing parcel!!! I love it, the TARDIS diary was a pleasant surprise and will be very much used this year. Just to let you know, your parcel will be on its way by the end of the week, I was going to send it but I thought I had to put some finishing touches. Also the sweets have pretty much been all eaten
  7. Happy Birthday - hope you had a great day

  8. How's life in France?

    1. KiwiMikaFreak


      good so far, but very busy :P

    2. silver


      Hopefully you will be getting your Mika Mail soon


  9. Day 3 in France, I'll be here for 3 more months at least, so if anyone wants to meet in person :P

    1. frenchfan84


      Yeaaaah !!! I hope I'll be able to meet you ;-) as i Will go to the UK in 25 days !!!! Oh i can't wait!! How's it going ???

  10. I just wanted to say that I wasn't blaming Mika entirely for not coming to New Zealand? It's understandble beause NZ is at the bottom of the world, and doing a concert here would be expensive a step he would have to bring everything here (on a 24 hour flight) and would ave to make up for the cost in concert sales (which would be unlikely as he isn't very well known here) I was just trying to give a perspective to those who think he's ignoring them (bad choice of words) when fans like me have a low chance of ever seeing a concert due to geographical locations i.e. Not in Europe/Asia Also it's not like he's the only a singer to not come to NZ, so we're used to it. For example Adele is doing her first NZ concert ever next year!
  11. Did you guys hear? dan and Phil will be in a x-mas special of a Disney channel show!
  12. Haha, all you guys saying Mika has forgotten the rest of Europe, does anyone stop and think how Mika seems to have forgotten the Pacific area? i.e Australia and New Zealand? He's never even been to New Zealand, at least in Europe you can basically drive to the next country if he's doing a concert there. Not meaning to invalidate your feelings, but come one, there are fans who have never even been thought of.....
  13. Africa - Toto I have become OBSESSED with this song, I just don't know why, but I love it so much!

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    2. frenchfan84


      Congratulations !

    3. mamiam


      I hope you'll experience a lot of MIKA events then! :-)

    4. frenchfan84


      So ! Are you Well arrived in our country ?