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Mika Mail 2016 (the relaunch)


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So what is Mika Mail?


It's basically an exchange of small gifts between 2 MFCers, and it works like this:


1) PM me with the details of the sort of partner you are looking for (e.g. country, youngling, oldling etc). I will then add you to the list.


2) If you see someone on the list you would like to partner, PM them and ask them if they agree.  Once you've found a partner, let me know.


3) Then talk to your partner and get some ideas of what they would like to receive, things they like, favourite colour - and things they don't like too. 


4) Agree with each other a spending limit and when you are going to send each other the Mika Mail.  Don't forget to check on postage costs too, as you may need to keep a check on how much everything weighs.

5) Then, you shop. You wrap and pack in a padded envelope or small box. You might include a postcard, note or a letter, and you mail it off.


Suggestions of what to send:

  • Sweets, candies, cookies or biscuits
  • Magazines
  • Things that represent your country
  • Little toys
  • Anything Mika-ish
  • Keyrings
  • Badges
  • Jewellery (not expensive)


6)  It's your responsibility to keep in touch with your partner and let them know about any problems or delays in sending your Mika Mail.


7)  And when you've received your own Mika Mail, don't forget to post lots of pics here :naughty:


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Current MMers


dreams (Slovenia) - kreacher (USA)

dreams (Slovenia) - Frenchfan84 (France)

dreams (Slovenia) - Amye the Mika fan <3 (Northern Ireland)

kreacher (USA) - Amye the Mika Fan <3 (Northern Ireland)

Frenchfan84 (France) - Amye the Mika Fan <3 (Northern Ireland)

sara09 (Italy) - Lalli (Italy)


and these people are looking for a partner


Mika Freaka (South Africa) (but can't post anything until mid-August)

Beatrice Mondino (Italy)

cat_loves_mika (USA)

silver (UK)

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I'm looking forward to this! Gonna do some shopping soon :D

Also... one question. What kind of box is the best?


Most post offices can sell you a standard box for airmail.

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Lena and I are planning our swap soon. With her zooming off to gigs and me having a very busy schedule on this side, we decided to hold off until we could both be still enough to receive each other's packages. Plus, I'm making her something and had to wait for one of the supplies - a crucial piece - to arrive! But yes, things are being done!

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I would definitely like to join! But will only be able to post something mid-August  :doh: is that okay?  


I'll add you to the list of people wanting a partner - when you post needs to be agreed with the partner you find

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