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2007 - Culture Show Filming, London, 30 January


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OH MY GOD How fab was that


and what an amazingly lovely chap


Even better live & acoustic


great to meet you girls too - roll on Brighton


will attempt to upload my fab Mika on a stool piccie tomorrow


oh and my daughter is well chuffed with the autograph


THANKS MIKA :lustslow: 

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It was a good shoot, he has a great sense of humour, and his banter with the audience was brilliant. He is fantastic live, looking forward to next Monday at HMV, and the gig at Dublin. I hope I won't be as nervous next week at the signing as I was today, I did want to speak to him but I kind of worried I might get a bit tongue tied and look stupid,and he seemed so nice to all the others who did talk to him, very friendly and kind. It was good to meet some of you guys from here, it's nice to put names to faces, and I hope to meet you again soon.

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Oh My God this was soooo good! Well Mika was the rest was a bit boring to be honest :blush-anim-cl:

We were sitting right at the front when Mika was playing Grace Kelly and even though it was quite early he sounded really good! He was also very friendly and interacted with everyone, even when we were taking photo's of him having his make-up done! :blush-anim-cl:

I will try to get photo's up tomorrow so you guy's can see, but i know that carrinevie has a lovely angelic picture!:mf_lustslow:

I must also say how nice it was to see other members of the fan club there and to put faces to names too!

I am not very good at describing stuff so I will leave that to the others to tell you their stories!

But a good day was had by all even though we drank far too much apple juice for daily consumption, I will look forward to seeing this on telly and trying to spot us!

love Jemmalee x

PS Guinchogirl has a staring role!

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I had an absolutely awesome time yesterday :roftl: Mika was exactly how I hoped he would be. Seeing him live, just him and the piano and to be soo close, was an experience I won't forget. The cherry on top for me, was meeting the other fanclubbers. You're all lovely peeps and I'm just sorry I didn't get a chance to chat to you all properly, but hopefully we'll meet again! :roftl:


Sadly, my day didn't finish on a high, I lost my camera on the way home :crybaby: So, all my precious pics are gone. Unless some kindly soul handed it in, but I'll have to wait and see. Kirsty & Keely, that means I lost the pics of you and Mika too, I'm soo sorry :tears: That's what happens after 1 too many :drinks_wine:


Mika's going to be around for a while :) so we will get the chance to take more pics of him I'm sure :)

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awww mate, sorry about the camera loss : ( but I am thrilled thart everyone had such a fantastic time and that the lovely boy is exactly as adorable as he appeared to be :wub2:

His good nature bodes well for us with er 'stalking ambitions' on the upcoming tour :naughty:

did we have a transmission date for this programme yet btw?

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Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about you losing your camera. Damn. That isn't good. Aww gutted about the pictures, but these things happen. I can remember it in my head..


It was lovely to meet you as well, and the other fans...Cannot wait to see it on tele. Although looking at previous programmes alot of the audience is blurred out, which suits me, I am sure I am on camera far too much


See you guys again soon no doubt x

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Sadly, my day didn't finish on a high, I lost my camera on the way home :crybaby:


Oh NO!:shocked: Thats such a shame! and it was such a good day! Hopefully they have cut me too! I couldn't possibly compete with the lovely miss laverne!

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It certainly was a very special day!

That's such bad luck about losing your camera, but it's the experience that counts - I'm sure you won't forget the great memories of being so up close and personal with Mika!

He was such a sweet friendly guy.

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Aww - will copy my pics and give to you at Brighton gig.


He was such a sweetie - still having trouble uploading pics!!!


may have to save to disk or mail to you GG!


My daughter is Sooooooooo chuffed with autograph and her and frinds cant believe that I have a real live NO1 pop fan as a friend on Myspace


ACtually I cant believe that a nearly 40 ys old technphobe manage to do a\ myspace and find Mika on it :thumb_yello:

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Hey all!


Just got back from exhibition. Only been gone since yesterday morning and there are hundreds and hundreds of posts for me to go through.


I have approved all the uploaded pics. Some of you uploaded the same ones so I just approved one version of each randomly. I have also approved attachments and a new download too. Will be handing these powers out to guinchogirl so you wont need to always wait for me ;)


Sounds like you all had a great time. Was really fun listening to guinchogirl talk about it when she got back, am so gutted I couldn't go, but I will see you all at the Brighton gig! :)


Real shame about the camera, but moreso the pics, but, we are the fan club and I get the mails for these exclusive events early so I am sure we will all get an intimate gig again soon at which I will be with my 3 cameras :)



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