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is mika in a relationship?


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Well, who knows? Its not for us to say anyway. If he is good for him and if not well, i'm sure it wont be long before he is_ a good looking strapping lad like that!


As its Valentines day- I wonder if he got many cards? I bet he did!


Happy Valentines Day Mika!

:wub2: :wub2: :wub2:

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I think the point is that everyone on here(me included!) seems to want to know all about him, because we think he is fab and he is intriguing. We want to know if he has a partner so we can see if we have a chance!! I dont think anyone is bothered about his sexuality, in the sense that it matters or changes him. But it is just all interesting, it doesnt make a diffence, but nor does finding out about his fav band or fav dinner, sister etc....it is just interesting! I bet he has not even decided yet...it is of no consequence to him or us, just fun fun fun...:thumb_yello:

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FREDDIESDOUBLE, it's a topic for girls only...


Mika is a rainbow star


always shining in the sky and in our heart...


but a star is always unapprochable...


if you're not living in the sky too


We can just pray to meet him...


















... and buy a cure for herpes

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