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is mika in a relationship?


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All Mikamaniacs are my friends:bleh:

Woo! =D

(Sorry I just had to quote that.)



Hmmmm....I kinda do care if he is. I mean yeah I know it's his personal life but I just wanna know...ya know?

I'm not into all that having to know everything about him. He could have anything he wants to himself. I do respect his privicy.

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Woo hoo!:bleh:



I think none of us actually knows anything about his personal life.


Lol yeah I noticed that! Its feels a bit wierd when you compare him to other artists who we know everything about. We know some about where he's come from but we don't know much about his personality etc. I don;t mean that in a bad or good way - its just different! I wonder if that'll change after he's been around for a while.


Single or not I doubt he'd be short of admirers!!!

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It would be funny, if he came out the closet or something.. Became a real stallion! Not that i want that to happen! He's way to cute!


I just wanna know to get it out of the way (not that it's a problem) it's just one of those things that you'll always doubt.

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Oooo.. I'd like to know who he's dating. Just cos I'm nosey!

I think he has done well so far keeping stum as eventually he will find someone and all will be revealed!! -the suspense!!

Its all just a marketing thing to get more people talking about him like they did with boy george when people didn't know if he was a girl or boy.

I honestly don't care what he is he could have three heads and I would still like him.


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