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it took me two hours , more Mika write up


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:punk: ello everyone, :punk:


I found this write up in a german paper and I though I would be clever and ran it through the free tranlation service, well never again,,,, the automatied service translated everything literally and the result was the most hillarious piece I had ever read!


So I sat down and tidied it up, I did it as true to the original text as possible.


There is a funny bit about his play with his braces, it makes me laugh, it could have been written by me!


by the way, qite funny really, throughout the article he is referred to as it







Mika Mika

the "Meisterhalle" in the Koethener Strasse in Berlin has been used since the mid 60s for writing musical history. Built in 1913, the outstanding acoustics have aloud it to become a brilliant recording studio. For example U2 took up its success album "attention baby" in the Meisterhalle. Here, on February there was a small concert given by that the new British superstar Mika to introduce himself.


I met mika before his showcase for the interview. Mika tells the following in telegram style:

He is 23 years old, born in Beirut, moved to Paris as an infant, since the age of 9 London is his homeland. When he was teased and bullied by his schoolmates because of his appearance and his French accent, he stopped to communicate and he became dyslexic.


Nevertheless because of this he received a brilliant classical music training with a strict Russian music teacher at his heels.. Mika can play the piano exceptionally well and with his voice he reaches heights, which one can only dream about.


Mika’s album "Life in Cartoon Motion" inspires critics and the public equally. He has become a talking point . The album is being released here 23 March.

Mika is a totally sympathetic freak. His album "Life in Cartoon Motion" represents Mika lthe way he really is: a Cartoon addict, music crazy,as well as a no nonsense , extremely confident young man, who knows exactly what he wants.


Oh yes, it was two years ago that a record company wanted to sign him u.p The deal was that he would make a commercial album first to please the mass market. It should sound a little like Craig David, and then, afterwards he could do as he pleases. "that was the voice of the devil, that had spoken to me", he laughed. Afterwards he was frustrated and furious. ’It went home and wrote the Song "Grace Kelly". The words are "why don’t you like me, why don’t you like me ..? The record company, to which the song was addressed, never contacted him again. Although Mika did not get signed up for another two years, he is glad that he stuck to his guns. Thus the Song "Grace Kelly" became a kind of revenge song. And a giant hit!


On stage is mika is incredible, one can witness his severe training his Russian singing teacher had taught: Mika can use his voice in any way he wants

Optically he has already made a household name: especially because of his long colourful braces , which are mostly hanging low, for when he does not sit upright at the piano, he plays with them: he pulls them up, lets them down or pulls them wide!!


He it makes beautiful music, all melodies and music himself. ‘I was a late comer to music’ he admits, he heard the Beatles "White Album" when he turned 17. But perhaps that was a good thing, who knows what his music would sound like had he discovered them earlier.


Although he listens to the comparisons to Freddie Mercury, it does not bother him. He knows that people will always scompare. Is he the new Robbie Williams? No! A title, which could be from Robbie, is "My interpretation" on the album, but there are no parallels and musical similarities to Robbie.

It is nothing new in England to find a new musical sensation nearly every week. First it is Lily Allen, then the Kooks, and now is it Mika. That means naturally also a lot of pressure for a young artist who is still finding his feet in the big word , full of demands. Information :

Current album Mika: Life in Cartoon Motion/universal :punk:



Where does he see himself at the end of 2007?

Mika hopes that he can take his music to as many people as possible. And possible changes ? Possibly on the music field, but not in himself as a person.


Please Note: Free translation is Machine translated text should only be used as an indication as to the meaning of the orginal text.

Human translation of this text for only 64.00 USD

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Well done, thanks for that!


At what age are you too old to wear braces, I wonder (I am thinking specifically of myself there, not Mika - I think I'm probably too old. :shocked: ).


Mika has brought braces to my attention, in a way I would not have thought possible, tee hee!! :wink2:

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Steph wrote : "I though I would be clever and ran it through the free tranlation service, well never again,,,, the automatied service translated everything literally and the result was the most hillarious piece I had ever read!"


Sure ! I happen to use the automatic translater on the Internet but just for help but the result is litteraly frightening, sometimes !

Thanks, Steph, for the job you made for us ! We should pay you ! :thumb_yello:

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It honestly took me nearly two hours to re-cover the article, it was so funny, here is a small extract of what I got back from automated service:



absolutely sympatischer Freak.Its album "Life in Cartoon Motion" represents mika like thatas it is: when Cartoon fan, when music crazy people, no compromises isreceived and as the self-confident young man, who wants exactly whitewhich it. Oh, it gave a disk company, which had interest in a contractwith him before two years. But mika should make first a commercialalbum around everything to please. It should sound a little like CraigDavid, afterwards it can make which it wants. "Das the voice ofthe devil, those was spoken hat" to me;, mika says. Afterwards itwas frustrated and furious.:shocked:

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Thanks Steph, great translation, it must have taken a lot of patience to do.

Good interview too, nice to see that some journalists are clear headed and constructive.:thumb_yello:

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like it thanx luv.

he's sooooo not like robbie cos I think he's a prat.

is we all love his braces but think if he didn't wear them his pants may fall down now that's something we all want to see.


mhm, that's a thought.... though isn't it sometimes better just to imagine... what if....?:wink2:

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