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Hi hi hi there!

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Guess I better introduce myself, my name is Julia, but I prefer to go by Jules. I've been lurking here for quite some time now and have decided that I really ought to register myself up a screenie and get posting!


I'm in England in perhaps one of the most boring cities ever, Lincoln. I first heard Mika on the radio some time ago and really loved the fact that I felt to cheerful after having listened to it. I genuinely think it's about time there was some music to hit the scene that had some genuine talent behind it and really good tunes that makes people feel good and get your foot tapping along.


As for me personally, well I'm a little bit hyper, a little bit random and music is my life. I'm currently trying to get into the classical music world, gotta start somewhere right? On the side I make Masquerade Masks and enjoy collecting movie memorabilia and lastly my screen name is because I'm a huge 'Peter Pan' fan! It's magical and I don't think the world has enough magic in it anymore.


So hello everyone, wonderful to meet you all!

*Waves maniacally*

And I'm off to insert myself into some other topics now and enjoy myself!


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Top Posters In This Topic

Oh wow, thanks again for the awesome welcomes and comments. You guys are really nice...compared to a few forums where I've been, where being new is akin to having the plague or a third eye.

*Rolls her eyes*

I'm up to twenty-odd posts already here which is pretty good for me.

*Does the twenty-whatever post dance*

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Hiya Jules!! Welcome here!!!!!


You're hyper and random...YAY! You're in the right place! hehehe :roftl:

i love your avatar picture thingy please can you send it to me or something!!!

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