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Hi from the Netherlands!


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Hi Everybody!


I'm Jerome, 19 years old and I live in the south of the Netherlands. I heard from Mika a couple of weeks ago via the website of Brian May (guitarist from the best band ever to have existed... Queen!).


Since I'm a huge Queen fan and collector I read his website very often and saw a message about a new talent... So I visited his website and I instantly fell in love with the music. I really hope he comes to the Netherlands soon for a gig (or 2)! :thumb_yello:


Nice to meet you all!

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Hey, another South-Dutchie!!! :thumb_yello:


Welcome!! Let's hope when Mika give a concert in the Netherlands he'll do it in the Southparts!!!! (for me Limburg is even better than Brabant :wink2: )

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Guest the_hero1985

Ey mate, well I've just joined but I already know you for like 3 years... anyway nice to see you here as well.. and uhm.. see you next week. Crap I forgot to tell I'm a Queenfan as well.. LOL

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