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Hello to all Mika fans (=people with great taste:)


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Aaaaa!:shocked: Å e nekdo iz SLO, ki mu je Mika noro fajn?:punk: Super!!


Kak bo z mojo aktivnostjo, bom Å¡e vidla, odvisno od časa.

Samo za njega se splača vzet čas!:naughty:


You've got that right!!!! :roftl:

Zdej pa lahk odprema Slovenian thread, hahahahahaha :roftl::naughty:

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Oh thank you, Annabelle!!

Im starting to believe it even myself, the great taste I have.

Mika's "bestness" reflects straightly to this forum

and it shows as this fanclub being the best one out there!

( Was the sentence unclear enough :naughty: )

Welcome to the MFC!!

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Mmmmm...nešto sam propustila? Ti si nova ovde? :wink2:

Pa...dobro nam došla!!!:flowers2:





Jel to neko nepisano pravilo da posle 3440 posta treba ponovo da se predstavljaš? Ja se još ni jednom nisam predstavila:mf_rosetinted:

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