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Mika drawing


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Hey all!

I've made a new Mika drawing, I wanted to upload it in the pics section but I had some problems, so I'll post it here:biggrin2:

I did it during class :fisch: and added the writing with Photoshop! Believe me, when the lessons you're supped to follow are really really boring...nothing like drawing Mika can make you feel better:thumb_yello:


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Eh Eh I wish he would! That would indeed be a wonderful achievement!:biggrin2:

I didn't do much with Photoshop, just added the writing and coloured it! Besides, I think you can easily....ehm ehm...."get" Photoshop somehow....:das:

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Thanks to all! Your comments make me wanna draw more more more! :biggrin2: We should all do some drawings regarding Mika, and then he could feature them on the cover of his new album:thumb_yello:

Daydreaming......:wink2: However, now that I think about it...that would be a pretty original idea! Eh, Mika?:das:

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