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The Official Lollipop Girl Fanclub!


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Yay thank you!!!!


This is the pic. I admit its not very good lol, but i did make the dress myself :biggrin2:


Took me agggges lol, but I'm so desperate for Leeds tickets, it is worth it even if i only have a very slight chance of winning!




Just ignore the pic in the middle, i look like a right tart haha!!!


x x x x x x x


WOW!!!:shocked: You're a true Lollipop Girl!!:thumb_yello:

what do you mean it's not very good???:shocked: if you don't win...!!! I hope you win those tickets!!!:biggrin2::wink2:

Good Luck!

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OMG I just like worship Lollipop Girl!!!! I'll show you that I am a Lollipop Girl fan...just hang on and you will have to copy and paste this though :biggrin2: also I have decorated my bedroom with lollipops and sweets (i can't show you that becasue i don't know who's on here rotfl I don't want MIKA looking at yesterdays clothes!) th.a75466689d.jpg Thats me! But I look so young in that picture :P Can I be in this???

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.......but I AM a LOLLIPOPGIRL!!!!


so I thought I had better show myself on this thread!

My Name is Little Lollipop daisy and you will see this on my MySpace page he!he! good to see how many of you like Lollipops!

Love and Lollipops to you all!


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