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Hello from Canada!


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Hello all fellow Mika lovers, I am from over in the Great White North: British Columbia, Canada (though where I live is neither great, white, or north) and discovered Mika a few months back from a friend. I now find myself staying up into all hours of the night watching interveiws and getting to know the voice I love so much a bit better (I'm sure you can all understand).


I wish Mika toured in Canada more, it makes me so sad to see a bunch of you with pictures of you and him and I've been looking for tour dates close to where I live (within a couple days drive?) but to no avail. All in good time I suppose. Anyways, thanks for the great space!!



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Hi Alli!


Welcome aboard one of the greatest places on earth. I'm also from B.C. - North Vancouver, to be exact. The Wet Coast rules! I've been online here since the end of March and I love it! It has got to be the friendliest place around. So happy, upbeat and positive. And we all have one fantastic thing in common - our star MIKA!!!!! How can you go wrong??? We have all ages, races, sexes, etc. Mika transcends all! Check out all the great pics - especially the thread Mikagasmic pics! You will go bananas!:mf_lustslow::wub2::mf_lustslow:


Have a blast! And again - WELCOME!!!:thumb_yello::naughty::thumb_yello:

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I am from BC as well - New Westminster. I discovered Mika just recently and absolutely love his music. I can't wait to see him live - maybe we are lucky enough and he will come to Vancouver (or Seattle or anywhere else close enough) and we can see him live.

Great to "meet" you!

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