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DL Mika live in Milan (audio)


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isn't he an absolute treasure!? between your scan and his file, you made my day! supplied me my mika dose today too..



*who's the guy who sings with mika in grace kelly..? he sings rather good..*

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matt, got to your page, applied to be added as a friend. love your song (I mean you singing) :)


besides so FINE music taste you have! *gosh i talk like master yoda... :blink: *


LOVE REM and savage garden either, in addition to our boy o.c.

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you're all very welcome and so sweet!


robertina, I guess I was about 10 metres from the stage... unfortunately I got stuck in the traffic jam and that was as close to the stage as I could get when I arrived! :(

avoca, thanks for your kind words! that's me singing along (ruining!) grace kelly... me and my friends were singing along all the time, we had such a great time!

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I don't succed to download this file!! What I have to do?


Hi Pixie, I'm not sure I know why it's not working for you but when you click on the link and go to the page-- on the top right of the page there is a space into which you should type the 3 letters shown. Click download and wait for 45 seconds. Then when it says download, click it again and it should begin to download for you. If I've misunderstood, sorry:blush-anim-cl:

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