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Been Googling Again!


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Patrick Wolf - 2007

Tour Dates

04-30 New York, NY – Virgin Records Union Square Performance & CD signing

05-02 Minneapolis, MN – Varsity Theater *

05-03 Chicago, IL – Vic Theatre *

05-05 Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory *

05-07 Boston, MA – Avalon Ballroom *

05-09 New York, NY – The Highline Ballroom *

05-12 Toronto – Mod Club *

05-13 Toronto – Mod Club *





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Thanks for the dates, Bab -- but also for the links. I hadn't heard that radio interview before for some reason -- slipped by me, so thanks! :)



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Man...some reviews are really SCATHING. Not just don't like the music. But they say such horrid, personal things.


I looked at that horrible review by the stylus mag and in the comment section there was a comment that told the guy that Brian May might come after him with a link to a rebuttal Brian may gave to someone else who had trashed Mika. Go Brian!




People are so cruel. If you don't like the music, ok. (so you don't have taste...) But why do you have to eviserate people? What kind of people write this stuff for a living? Sick SOBs, that's who. Brian's right. Stop your poison pen and go out and do something that makes people happy, give people joy.

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For goodness sake someone buy this man an Oyster card!

I don't live in London but if I did, I would certainly get one, it saves you a fortune in tube fares and it gets you straight on the platform without the hassel of queueing.

One thing did puzzle me though, he said that he doesn't like travelling on the bus because people talk to each other, but they don't on the tube. Well every time I've been on the tube, I've seen people talking to each other, so is it just me or is it because Mika is so tall he scares people into silence in enclosed spaces!

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