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Koko gig photo's - 2007


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Peter Hill, a rock photographer, just yesterday posted his photo's from the Koko gig on Mikasounds.com forum. For some reason he did not put them here (too) :blink: , soo I'll put the link he posted (hope that's alright):original:




It's alright with ME :)


Thanks for posting! BTW, did you see that notice at the top of the page?

Said the event was being filmed for "internet broadcast, DVD, TV and Music

Video." I wonder if that means there WILL be a DVD of the show eventually?

Or maybe they'll use one of the clips as a video for MTV, etc.? Like maybe for Lollipop? I hope! :)



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hey thanks guys... glad you like :)


sorry i never posted them in over these parts... didn't realise you guys were here!


..and the gig was recorded for broadcast on msn.com

its up there now i think xxxxx

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Amazing photos! The Gig was filmed for MSN Music... Check out this thread and if you havent already seen it, check out the whole performance here!


How I love to relive that magic night!! :thumb_yello:


Oh, I've seen the MSN broadcast, multiple times, I must admit :blush-anim-cl: -- I'm hoping for an actual DVD so that I can have it for my very very own! :) And I'm thinking ahead to what the next single might be, and that using a clip from this show would make a good video for it...



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