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yoo hoo I'm new


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woo this place looks kewl, please forgive me if I do things wrong for a while but I've not used a forum like this before.

This is the first time I have joined a fan club since I was 14 lol,(I'm far too old to even remember anything about that now pfft).

Mika just seemed to barge into my life via my daughter who said "mam, mam listen to this fantastic song, look at this really cute guy" I slid my pc chair across to her pc, looked and listened and said "mmm yeah he's ok I guess",ha ha little did she know what she had done to me by showing me <3 MmmmmIKA then the very next time I heard his song, I was hooked and couldn't stop watching interviews and vids on utube on him. I have become a bit obsessed and its a worry at my time of life lol.


I sing Mika songs all day at work, it cheers me up, lifts me into a really happy place, and I can see it has the same affect on my work mates cos although they may think I have gone loopy, it makes them smile and makes the workplace a better happier place, (even though my singing is really poopy) heh heh.


I had a quick look at the birthday present for Mika thread thing and think its a wonderful idea, I must try to get a card done for him too but I will have to ask more about it later, but I need to get ready for work right now. sorry I waffled on folks especially for a first meeting lol.


I made friends with Caroline who I noticed is also on this site after seeing her competition entry, (MmmMIKA brings ppl together yeey:thumb_yello:

Here are links to my daughter and mine's utube videos, it's our entry to his competition.


mine :wub2:


Vix's 1


and she made the one below before really just cos she fell in love with his song so much


Now don't be alarmed, I can't help being a total nutcase :bleh:

Take care chaps see you soon.

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WELCOME!!!! I have to say that these are some pretty awsome videos you've got there and well - Mika cheers me up all the time :biggrin2:

Enjoy being here because I know I am :thumb_yello:

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if he were MARMITE and I CAN'T bear the stuff, then I would develop a hunger for it and learn to love it I would eat it always and forever >_< yummmmmMika


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I have only been a member of the Mika fanclub for three weeks. And I am loving it.:welcomeani:


You are not too old to join a fanclub. I thought I was at first but did it anyway. I am age 33, don't worry.:wink2:


Back in January when I first heard Grace Kelly, I thought, "WOW! I love that guy's voice!" I could not get the song off my mind. Everywhere I went it was on my mind. I had to buy the single. Then the album.


I was being like a real teenager all over again. Ha ha!! :biggrin2:


Going about my everyday life with a high mood and listening to Mika's CD non-stop, (not forgetting when Mika's songs are played on the radio). I also go loopy too.


SO let's all be loopy together!!! :groupwave::toot:

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