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Mika Fan Art Project - TITLE WANTED


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Hey guys! :biggrin2:


As some of you may know, Eir and I started a project: making an album with Mika related drawings made by the members of the Fan Art Group. Once the album is made, we'd like to give it to Mika, possibly during his July gig in Florence. For who's interested, here's the link to the thread:




Now we would like to give the album a special title, and we're asking for your help!!! :thumb_yello:

If anyone of you has some suggestions, just post them here! It can be anything you like, possibily art related :wink2:


I'll keep this post updated with all your suggestions, and if eventually we have enough, we could throw a poll to see which is the best one:thumb_yello:


We already received some:


Eir: 'Welcome to Mikaland'


MikArt Attacks

MikArt: pointlessly delicious



Droopsy: "mesmikazed art"


"surreal groove"


"groovy mika'ness"


"color me mika" (like as in the expression color me beautiful)

"draw me mika"

"photoshop me mika"


RosieLou : Welcome to Surreality


Marianne84: 'Mika in Wonderland'

'Welcome to Mika's Factory of Surrealism'

'Welcome to Mika's Lollipop Factory'

'Mika in Lollipopland'

'Mika's Demented Lollipopworld'

'Mika in the Land of Pointlessly Delicious'

'The Pointlessly Delicious Mikaland'


IngievV: Mikalicious


ThatPinkSock: Mikagasmic


Zsina: Artists on Artist


Martincy: Mikantastic Art


Rilo8913: Pointlessly delicious: art inspired by Mika


Fmbm: Mikasso

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Thi nking - will let you know.


Maybe something to do with circus?




OOOOH you are Nel!! The one who made those wooonderful cards to our guys!


Oh, you really HAVE to join our project!!!

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I like MikArt...I think thats good..and go the the reach-me thread..I'll post my stuff...


My initial thought was like:









and only the letter A as a capital letter since that's the mutual one, and maby the A in another color as the other letters..


that was just my vision:p

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Oh yeah...but I think you should make M in capital too,but A should be in a different colour.You know..coz Mika is a name...and yeah..I know that A is mutual..but you know...maybe green Mik.rt and purple A.My opinion. :)

But its great!I vote on that!:D


Edit:and for me the 2. one is better.

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