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*knock knock* honey...i'm hooommeee!!!


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hello folks, my name is Lu, 19, from Jakarta-Indonesia. basically i love hard musics like metallica, queen, pantera, and stuffs like that, so everyone was a little surprised when i listen to Mika. but i just can't help it, i love his voice (with a little bit of Freddie Mercury in there), his songs, his style, and he's a cutie too (i love boys with curly mop and beard:biggrin2: ). he's just a very talented person for me!

so here i am, drooling over MiKa with all of you guys:naughty:


ps: sorry for my english, i know it's awful (duh!):thumbdown:

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i listen to a lot of metallica and acdc and foo fighters and stuff like that too :punk: and i have to say i felt a bit odd liking something so poppy, but then i said wait a minute, why not? :)

see you around!

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