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I dream about owning Mika Live on stage DVD


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wow! What a nice dream. I can imagine ourselves


Mika smiles - REWIND - Mika smiles - REWIND - Mika smiles - REWIND...





hmmm! Nice dreams in perspective.


LOOL!!! Yes I am sure we would all do that!!!:naughty::wub2:

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Well actually i think we have to post many comments to make this thread bigger & bigger :P Maybe someone (Mika perhaps) will see it...who knows...


So c'mon guys!!

Mika on a plasma or on a big tv in ur living-room, isn't a good idea? ;)

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how cool would be that?! Mika please release such DVD!!!

You ain't just a pretty face papula.pop girl


I want DVD!!!! and I want it NOW!!! *stamps feet!* *huge tantrum*


All the live stuff. and if Daddy Penniman could include his camcorder footage of me and Paula.pop dancing and waving like loonies after the Birmingham gig that would be great! - ooooh fame calls!!!!

Also alot of nice intimate Mika chatting with lots of nose-wrinkling/dimple/smiling/giggling action would be much appreciated.


I suppose topless would be too much to ask?????? - oh go on just a little bit!!!! - you could charge what you liked, I'd still buy 20 (well a girl needs a back up just in case she wears the first few copies out!!!:biggrin2::mf_lustslow: )

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lol soon 3 if you actually get close enough to smell him.. gahhh im so strange. xD


OMG YOU ARE SO RIGHT SHANICKA. A great smell turns me on. LOL ok did I just say that?? It really does. If Mika smells good... WATCH OUT. I'm gonna be all over him.

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