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Hi, i'm from HongKong! =)


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hi everyone, i'm from HK, and...i'm not very gd at using english so...um dun laugh at me okay? well...when i first hear MIKA, it was only a week ago, so out-dated, right? i saw his poster in a CD shop, i was attracted by the colurful cover of his CD so i bought it! then in a few days time, i'm now a super fans of his :wub2: i was too late to buy his CD coz the 28th May was his live party, and i couldn't go ><'' poor me!

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thank you, do u guys know when will MIKA fly to HK again? seems that it would be a long time. isn't it?


It might be a while, although he's due back in Japan this summer for a festival... so keep an eye on the calendar -- you can find a link near the top of this page.


And welcome to the forum! :welcomeani:



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welcome to MFC!! :welcomeani:

sorry abt tat u couldnt go to the party... it was FANTASTIC!!

ngo lum mika yao pai dou ng lai HK ga la... :crybaby:


aiiiya, i think so, reeeeeally want to c his live ><''

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HIyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa welcom to the forum!HAaaaaaaaaaaaaveeeeeeeeeeeeee a greaaaaaaaat tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimeeeeeeeeeeeeee!xx

Could you understant it at all?My fingers are a bit of tired...I've been typing all afternoon...on here....:D


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