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  1. It really makes me sad that chat will dissapear. Especially since I met a lot of my friends there. Thanks for letting us know.
  2. Eww why would you do that? Are you calling us strange?
  3. Ooooh bad bad mom ahahaha! You ask me if something is weird? I'm sure your grandma will love it!
  4. That's true! I'm looking forward to see it! I'm going to see it with my mom, since she loves Disney as well!
  5. Stupid cinema's here. I think we're the last country where Beauty and the Beast comes out.
  6. I will as well. Soon. Very soon
  7. I still have to figure out how to 'follow' different threads haha. So far I only get messages from this one.
  8. It is! It's handy to get a notification when someone replies to your comment!
  9. New layout looks cool! We have to get used to it, but I'm sure we can!:)

  10. Yes, thanks for letting me know!
  11. These new notifications are funny haha.