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  1. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    I have to be honest that I didn't like this season as much as I did with season 1. I think the 1st season was more... new and fresh! A lot seemed to be acted this time. And I think there were quite a few uncomfortable moments I didn't enjoy. Also I hardly knew any of the guests in comparison to last year. Offcourse there were things I loved, like for example Gregory and the songs But yeah, I didn't dislike it or anything, but I'm glad he's going on a new journey after this
  2. Say Something Random pt. 29 ~ Because why not

    Haha it does! I think I'm gonna watch 1 at the time for now.
  3. Say Something Random pt. 29 ~ Because why not

    That would take at least a day to watch them all
  4. Say Something Random pt. 29 ~ Because why not

    Yes! At least you then can understand what everyone's saying
  5. Say Something Random pt. 29 ~ Because why not

    Yeah and maybe by that time you can watch them with subtitles!
  6. I keep listening to Rain the past few days. I think I have to blame the weather here :naughty: 

    1. Show previous comments  20 more
    2. Mikasister


      That is the Mika I fell in love. Of course I like his staging but it's not the most important to me. 

    3. We-Are-Golden


      Everything needs to be bigger lately, while he doesn't need it. I love his big stage performaces, but just sometimes I'd love to hear something like this again

    4. Dominika


      I love this song,  so genuine :wub2: I agree, that these days everything must be exaggerated but thank God he can handles both: big and great performances full of glitter and these simple, intimate ones :blush-anim-cl:

  7. Cute/Must See Mika Videos

    Hahaha yes I have
  8. Cute/Must See Mika Videos

    I understand you either like him or not
  9. Cute/Must See Mika Videos

    Mine is from the video from 2012, where Mika tries to speak/sing in Dutch This one:
  10. Cute/Must See Mika Videos

    Talking about Paul de Leeuw, in 2015 Mika pulled Paul onto the stage at his gig as a "pay back for what he said to Mika in his tvshow' and he HAD to sing with Mika on stage I was there, it was so funny
  11. Cute/Must See Mika Videos

    Ah That's Paul de Leeuw. I know him very well (he's a Dutch tv host, he's also in my signature ), you shouldn't take him too seriously I love it when Mika comes in his tv shows, they are good friends
  12. His posts today made me laugh