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  1. Gotta be everything more
  2. Oh my, it has been quiet here! *throws some glitter around* I'm good! I have a day off tomorrow, since it's Kingsday! How are you?
  3. I could be violet sky
  4. Lucky you Urska, that is a lovely dream. I had a Mikadream as well last night, a bit of a weird one. I was at a gig and I was enjoying myself and singing along, when all of the sudden it was over. I saw Mika jumping of the stage and run towards the door. I was very confused (along with the other people) and we started to follow him. When we got outside we saw him running towards a forest near the venue (I have no idea where this is ) and again, we all followed him to see where he was going. Then we got to an open spot where there was a big pond and we saw him in the water. He was starting to swim away from us, but luckely I suddenly noticed that I had my camera with me, so I tried to zoom in on him and take a photo. No idea why! But he just kept swimming and swimming... and then I woke up. I wonder where he went.
  5. I could be purple
  6. Staring at the Sun - Mika
  7. I could be blue
  8. Niet dat ik zo weet.
  9. Happy Easter everyone!
  10. Hoi, welkom! Er zijn inderdaad niet erg veel Nederlandse fans helaas. Maar iedereen hier op MFC is erg aardig hoor, ik weet zeker dat je het hier naar je zin zult hebben! Mijn naam is Charlotte trouwens!
  11. I hope he will do a episode with only his own songs, I would really love that.
  12. Should I look older just to be put on your shelf?
  13. Yeah. I hope he'll do more soon! And if he does, I hope he'll do episodes with more different songs again, like he used to do. I enjoy listening to those more! I love the covers he did tho.