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  1. You could've switched with me if you like it. Litterally died yesterday pffff.
  2. I will! Yeah me too. Simply because it get's very, very hot in my bedroom. Like it is right now. It's 30-32 degrees Celsius right now outside and I'm melting here. Will be a lot of fun tonight when I wanna go to bed
  3. I loved the movie so much! I now keep listening to the soundtrack.
  4. Normally I don't like perfume commercials, but I don't mind seeing this one passing by And btw, yes I've seen it Urska, haven't you noticed? Maybe a little bit?
  5. Hmm sounds interesting! And I would love reading a story about 'me' getting into a romance with Mika Thanks, I will! It's going to be hot here all week I saw!
  6. Definitly Oooh that sounds fun! Enjoy! Bobtastic Bastards Sounds nice! May I ask what kind of idea? If not that's fine, just curious. I'm not doing much, hanging around with a book and tomorrow it will be hot so we're going to barbeque.
  7. We are all Bobtastic Any plans for the weekend?
  8. Exactly. I just need a few seconds. Just to tell him that. We'll just keep on hoping.
  9. You know I'll do my best. I have a special spray that keeps him away, Nah I have that too. Especially with pics where he is hugging fans.
  10. I should've been there to guard the cake.
  11. The cake definitly looked delicious
  12. I'm doing good! I've just had 2 weeks of vacation, still kinda sad they're over. And you?
  13. Ugh, I can imagine! It's good to have a place where you can say what you want right? Feel free to pop in here more!
  14. Hello and welcome to MFC! I'm sure you'll find a lot of Mika here.