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  1. What song are you listening to? (2017)

    Ooohhh. I love Sting!
  2. Not everything needs a thread

    Haha! That is so cool, I'm going to do it with myself now lol.
  3. What song are you listening to? (2017)

    I can't comment on Hamilton as I've never seen it, or even listened to all of the songs , but Ben Folds and Regina Spektor are my second and third favourite singers after MIKA, (obviously ) and I rather like this song in particular. So...
  4. Not everything needs a thread

    Hi! There is a YouTube channel called PhotoshopSurgeon They Photoshop celebrities according to the 'perfect face' ratio. So I commented that he should photoshop MIKA. We all know that he is perfect! But wouldn't it be cool if there was a video about it? Cool to know that 11 MIKA fans agreed with me on YT! We should all spam him with comments so he has enough support to make the video! Haha
  5. Fan Survey?

    I was suprised that Ordinary Man and Last Party are in the bottom half of No Place in Heaven, and the order of that album in general to be honest. Obviously the two songs still have good scores, but I thought that they would be higher. I'm also surprised at the position of My Interpretation; I rather like that one! It also appears that Make You Happy isn't as liked as the other songs, and I would agree that this is my least favourite. (Although I still like it - MIKA just sets a very high bar for himself!) Thanks for doing this survey, it was really interesting to see a breakdown like this!

    Hi Olivia.x! I got MIKA pens too!
  7. Fan Survey?

    I have completed it! Exciting!
  8. The Looking For Something Thread - Part II!

    Hello! I was eating chocolate and I was wondering what MIKA's favourite chocolate was lol. I know that's a bit weird I suppose, but oh well. I searched about it on here to no avail, so if anybody knows please tell me! Thanks, I know it's a bit random but I love learning about MIKA!
  9. Mikas music on TV/film.

    "Elle Me Dit" plays over an aerial shot of France for around 10 seconds in Pitch Perfect 3!
  10. MIKA in Pitch Perfect 3

    I have, but thank you! I'll listen again, Mika's songs never get old!
  11. MIKA in Pitch Perfect 3

    Hello! Just watched Pitch Perfect 3 in the cinema, and one of Mika's songs was in it! I almost died! 'Elle Me Dit' plays over an aerial shot of France for only around 10 seconds, but it has brightened my day! I normally know when Mika is in things (I watched Zoolander 2, and was waiting in anticipation for him to appear) but this one I had no idea about, and I was so suprised. Well, that's it, I thought you should know if you didn't already! Bye!
  12. Hello!

    Thanks Camille! Do you know how I'll get people to see it, regarding hashtags etc.? I'm not very good at Twitter lol.
  13. The Looking For Something Thread - Part II!

    Hi! I was wondering where to buy a MIKA t-shirt as everywhere seems to be out of stock, and so I have been directed to this thread. I am looking to find a size 10/12 UK size one which usually comes under medium. Any replies would be appreciated, thanks in advance! Charlotte
  14. Hello!

    Hello! My name is Charlotte and I'm from England. I've never joined a fan club before, and I'm not quite sure what to say, apart from that obviously, I rather like Mika! I do have a question though. Maybe this should be in a different forum, I'm not sure, but I would like to know where I can find a Mika t-shirt, and I figured that this would be the best place to ask! I checked Mika's shop but it appears the entire stock is, well out of stock! Other websites don't appear to have any Mika t-shirts either, and I'm not quite sure where else to look. I suppose I could wait for Mika's next album, as there's sure to be new things out then, but I'm not very good at waiting! Any details would be greatly appriciaiated, and thank you very much for having me in this club! Charlotte