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  1. Now I’m sitting alone I’m finally looking around Left here on my own I’m gonna hurt myself Maybe losing my mind I’m still wondering why Had to let the world let it bleed me dry

    1. frenchfan84


      We are not what you think we are.... WE ARE GOLDEN !

    2. Chrissie


      ;) ...we are golden... :) it's one of my fav song
    3. frenchfan84


      Yaas of course ! It's my favorite live song and my favorite clip XD

  2. His show was grand and it was a great place I'm so happy to saw him in la rochelle. It's a nice town I would like drive again. anytime.
  3. hurts. about my Childhood, resax, about my memories of my first gig.
  4. Kick Ass for a german TV Series. A girlfriend of mine watchs it. I don't like the serie.
  5. The next 5 weeks (23.03.-27.04.) I'm out of order :)

  6. last week, Leipzig main station Mika - celebrate
  7. Hey Naectegela, I hope you are well. I just would like to say/write "hello" Greetings from Leipzig ChrissieX

  8. aw that's great I'm looking so forward
  9. Hello Silver, happy birthday and merry christmas ChrissieX

  10. Hello Sonja, thank you so much for your lovely christmas card. greetings Chrissiex

    1. SonjaD


      You're welcome. Liked yours too. Are you going to see Mika in the Bercy in may next year?


    2. Chrissie


      oh 27 may in paris. I already have my ticket :)

  11. Hallo Mirjam, vielen lieben Dank für deine tolle Weihnachtskarte * Inhalt. Ich hab mich sehr darüber gefreut.

  12. Hello, thanks for the add xx

  13. thank you all for sharing Vids and pics and for translate
  14. @crazyaboutmika thank you so much for translate
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