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  1. ladyolivier

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    Omg, he look so adorable - that hair has gotten so magnificent! I thought a couple years ago that we has seen the end of the curls for good, honestly. I'm not sure what encouraged him to bring the hair back, apparently for good, but I am just over the moon. So warm and kind and lovely as always. So happy for everyone who got to go to the recordings and talk to the man! We are truly blessed this Mika era.
  2. ladyolivier

    What song are you listening to? (2017)

    Honestly everything I need today.
  3. I know Make You Happy isn’t super well liked but I really enjoy it, especially the version with the strings. I also really love Step With Me, both due to how sweet of songs they are. The pure love in them really makes me happy. The CD version of Overrated is nice but the symphonic is like going to another world and is probably my all time favorite Mika thing. I think Tah Dah is my favorite song on this album. It’s so loud and energetic but so cutting at the same time - the absolute perfect car Kareoke song, and in my life a song’s value as car Karoke is of utmost importance!
  4. ladyolivier

    Mika's collaboration with Peugeot - commercial - 2017/18

    Apologies that it took me so long to post these but here's the IG Lives from the day! Isabel's is cropped slightly on the top because I was getting notifications but nothing of import is cropped out!
  5. ladyolivier

    Mika's collaboration with Peugeot - commercial - 2017/18

    Just recorded the Mondial one as well! I’ll put them on YouTube!
  6. ladyolivier

    Mika's collaboration with Peugeot - commercial - 2017/18

    I’ve got a screen recording!
  7. Happy to help! I feel sometimes like I just lurk on this forum and consume all the great work everyone else does, I'm always very happy when I can help or contribute or any small way.
  8. For the sub team and anyone else who wants it: here's the video with the sound re-synced. The video was ahead of the audio, so all I had to do to sync it was put his giggles in slow motion!YjAiiCzK!63oGaX0HXPBhgAdosJeL28jGSSQ8l56V61o-4SE6tXg
  9. Tomorrow (it's 2:45 am in my time zone) I'l see if I can download the Facebook video and correct where the audio goes out of sync.
  10. ladyolivier

    [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    You're doing such amazing work!
  11. ladyolivier

    I wrote an article about Casa Mika!

    Wow, I didn't even realize until seeing this how many places it had been shared. I went around and responded to as many as I could identifying myself and have added links at the bottom of the essay with links to my socials so people can find me. I'm overwhelmed with...all this. I'm melting. So much love.
  12. ladyolivier

    I wrote an article about Casa Mika!

    Omg, y’all are gonna make me cry! Thank you so much for all the incredibly kind words! I really got great joy from writing this essay because I felt like it was something I just had to get out. I’m so absolutely flattered that it meant so much to everyone. Especially the comments that you wish Mika could read it - that might be the highest compliment you can bestow. You’re all so lovely, thank you 💗 Wow, I don’t even know what to say. You are so welcome, thank YOU.
  13. ladyolivier

    I wrote an article about Casa Mika!

    Thank you all so so much! I had a lot of fun writing it so it makes me so happy that it's good! Yeah, it really was supposed to be about monster movies but Mika, as he often does, took over I have some monster movie reviews in my drafts so I'll be steering it back towards the description eventually. The closest I've come to being published is handing in many, many English papers LOL. I take that as a great compliment, thank you! I absolutely will! I have exactly 0 followers on my blog as it's really just a side project so I have a place to publish all the reviews and such I find myself wanting to write, but if I get any responses from non-fans I will certainly pass them on. Please do! You are more than welcome to share on twitter and facebook etc! And omg, I would be so flattered if you wanted to translate it. It's very long, that's quite a task! But I would be thrilled and flattered. If translating it is something you feel like taking on, be my guest!
  14. For the longest time I've had the thought that I wanted someone to write about Mika, this fandom, and Casa Mika/the impact of Casa Mika. I finally thought, no one else is going to write it, so I will! I have a tumblr called "Bad Bad Movies" which I started to write reviews and articles about movies and TV shows I love. I really love bad old sci fi films, so that's what I named my blog. I've got some posts about bad sci fi in my drafts, but this is my first post because I felt like it was just inside me and I had to get it out. I really love writing and loved writing papers for my University classes, and now that I've graduated I really missed writing things. What I've wanted was specifically for someone to write a journalistic, almost academic essay about Casa Mika and all it means to people, so that's the perspective I wrote it from - a sort of neutral journalistic perspective and as if I was talking to an audience who had no idea who Mika was. Hopefully if my blog attracts some followers and becomes popular some other people will read this and maybe check the show out! But of course y'all should be the first to read it, because no one else will appreciate it more! Warning: it's rather long Hope you all enjoy!
  15. We get an official English translation? We are truly spoiled this day! Wonderful article!