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  1. I agree with you, even if I don’t remember what he said in the intro to the Tiny Tour, I think the link to his fans is the jealousy He feels for others sometimes, and when He performed Dear Jealousy in the Tiny Tour, when He sings “I’m jealous of us” He indicated the audience and him Mika and his fans... Another reference to his fans maybe it could be found in Platform Ballerinas, because many of his fans are girls and women, and He could speak to us in this song, where the girls dance in front of him but not for him, but for them..he speaks to all the girls and women to give them courage to be themselves.
  2. Hello everybody🤗 I would ask you if somebody is thinking about some fan action to do at the Bologna’s gig.. I think it would be very nice to organize something, if you are interested let me know. Thank you😊
  3. "Sbalestrante" means to daze.. Something that gets you out of balance... "Ride" is.. Laughing... Is a question.. Do you laugh??? I hope this is useful for the comprehension 😊
  4. I don’t write here so I’m sorry, but I’d like to explain my personal opinion about this italian version. I try in some way to explain ..😅. I feel a little guilty because I’m one of those people that don’t like the italian version, because of the bad translation... I appreciate so much this gift in italian and I’m otherwise very grateful for this. I’ve always dreamed about an italian song sung by him, especially after Casamika where He sang some italian songs for the first time an he was very good. So when He was writing this new album I really hoped He would write an italian song with all my heart, but I have to be honest, this translation of Tomorrow is not the best thing I expected..☹️First of all because of the italian words that are very different from the original ones...and give to the song a different atmosphere ...only the word “domani” (tomorrow) sounds different..😢for me’s my opinion. He sang very well in italian and his pronunciation is very very good, but it’s the translation that doesn’t work..😩, in general I don’t like very much the original texts translated in other languages because often they change the magic of the song. I know For a no native speaker this song maybe sounds so exotic because it’s in another language but for us is a bit different..and I’m very sorry for this, because He will sing it in the italian gig, I imagine ☹️But I love so much the English version!!!! At the end it’s drama but I’d have preferred another new song only in italian. I know that other italian fans think the same, but also there are many of them that like this version too. The album is so amazing, beautiful and moving ..I can forgive him..😂
  5. I love this song and this collaboration very very very much!!!!! 😍 I think their voices together sound so good👏
  6. Eh...è quello che ci stiamo chiedendo tutti...forse solo per quelle date?..🙈😕😕😕😕😭
  7. Ciao a tutte!!! Buon Anno e speriamo per nuova bellissima musica mikiana... ☺️😍😂
  8. Hi Eriko... Here The translation...☺️ Cotroneo says he told Mika about the project of the fiction, this had many points in common with Mika’s story, because he studied in a conservatory too, in the Royal Conservatory in London and he is a great musician and he became passionate about the boys history. Cotroneo introduced the actors to Mika and he was on set and played a small part in the fiction and wrote the single for the tv series. Cotroneo said their meeting was happy and lucky and he hopes in the future there may be others collaborations with Mika, but he doesn’t know for the moment when and how this will happen.
  9. Happy new year to all of you! I agree with you Nina, I think this song it fits perfectly with the tv story and first of all with the passion and love for music. I find the song very romantic, the lyrics are very poetic whether they refer to a loved one or to music and honestly I don’t see any double sense in these..anyway music communicates different contents to each one. I love the use of various instruments that are added to form the sound of the orchestra and the use of his voice in the lower tones..This song is difficult to sing! The second part of the song is really beautiful..and the sound is very catchy. I believe this single is not connected to the album that I believe is a different curios to see how it will be..but this song is a good beginning!😊😍
  10. Anche io avevo pensato a Paolo poi ho avuto dei ripensamenti...😅boh..vedremo...aspettando..aspettando...😴 Comunque vorrei chiedere per il tour il cannone che spara cuscini a forma di cuore sul pubblico...o palloncini a può..????😂😍
  11. Ciao a tutte!! Anche io ero presente all'evento e mi é piaciuta molto l'intera giornata... Ovvio Mika nel finale è stata la ciliegina dolcissima sulla torta.. Sono d'accordo con te @CristinaC.anche io ho notato questo ripetere l'età.. "io ho 35 anni".. A me ha dato l'impressione che si senta una responsabilità per il percorso che sta facendo... Per l'uomo che vuole diventare e mi sembra che forse stia riflettendo tanto sulla direzione che vuole dare alla sua vita personale.. Quando ha parlato dell'album e ha detto che è come sempre molto autobiografico e tratta temi profondi per lui... Ecco mi ha incuriosito tantissimo e spero presto di poter ascoltare questo album... Ma so già che mi colpirà nel profondo se mantiene la sua firma dolce e amara..come ha detto. E devo dire che mi incuriosisce tanto sapere chi è l'autore italiano che ha questo rapporto speciale con la terra... Ma credo dovrò aspettare parecchio per scoprirlo. Insomma è stato un intervento pieno di colpi di scena... Per la simpatia e le risate che ci ha trasmesso ma anche per i tratti di tenerezza e fatica colti nel racconto... E nella bellissima spiegazione della canzone.. Tutto questo è Mika ovviamente. Gli auguro di trovare sempre più la sua serenità e stabilità... In Italia se vuole... Ma ovunque...
  12. Ciao a tutte! Anche io non scrivo da un sacco. Oggi giornata terribile in Italia 😰😢spero che voi tutte stiate bene ovunque voi siate.
  13. Che bello sapere che è ritornato in Italia..anche se per poco !!!💚⚪️❤️ E aspettiamo...nuove canzoni, nuove news...😕
  14. Bellissima questa foto @Gabry74...😂. Deve essere stato molto divertente vederli dal vivo. Lo show è stato molto bello anche dai video!!! Immagino anche poter salutare Mika per qualche minuto sia stato emozionante come sempre. 🧡