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  1. Hi girls, how are you? 😘 Unfortunately I have to say I don't feel so well this month. There's actually no reason but since January I started to feel a little bit depressed, lonely and hopeless... It's sad but I don't want to speak about it with my family because they would worry too much. That's why I want to share it with you and ask you, if you ever feel the same and what do you do against it? I'd like to find some new friends or hobbies because my best friend is so busy with her job, school, hobbies, boyfriend etc. However, it's quite difficult, I don't know where to start. I'm trying to focus on studying now but it's also hard to do so. Sorry if my post doesn't make sense, I just had to share my thoughts with someone. Thank you for reading it.

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      @Paoletta Hi, thanks for asking, it's like weather, but I'll try to go out more next week to be more active and I also decided to contact the counseling center of our university, maybe it'll help to talk with a therapist about the feelings because now I'm not even able to learn because of lack of concentration... And my mom began to worry anyway because I'm not hungry at all, I eat a little bit but it's really hard for me. However, I'm trying my best to change it, it helps me to do some exercises and also writing down the problems right now feels better. Thank you again for your support, MFC is the best! 

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      If you feel like sharing, keep us updated on how you’re doing! We’re here if you need to talk :)