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  1. No need to apologise, don't worry!
  2. For those who are saying that my choreography might take too much space, I had understood from the previous posts that we will do the flashmob before the show outside the venue, so I thought of a choreography to do in a big open space. But we can change it without any problem!
  3. 20190713_155431.mp4 So this is my choreography, I hope I uploaded the video in the right way. I know I look like a robot but I was trying to remember the steps without making mistakes😂 I integrated some of the original steps into the choreography and I tried to make it accessible to everyone. If in the end we decide to use my choreography or part of it, I can also make a tutorial to explain every step if necessary. Let me know what you think about it!
  4. I'm Giulia (Giulia221b) and I'll be at Mika's concert in Bologna, Italy
  5. I like your choreography!😍 I me too thought of a choreography, but if everyone agrees we can use yours! Would you like to see mine as well?
  6. I'm so happy to tell you that I accessed the forum after the maintenance and I had been able to log in without any problem! Thank you a lot for the help!
  7. At the moment I'm on a vacation but on Monday I'll be back home and I can start thinking about a choreography!
  8. I don't know what they want to do, but It would be great to organise even a small flashmob to each concert (or at least to each in which there are people eager to do it). I know it's impossible but it would be great fun!
  9. I've been dancing since I was 5 (now I'm 19), If I can be helpful, let me know! I think the flashmob is a great idea!
  10. Buon pomeriggio a tutti! Non so se avete visto gli ultimi post su Twitter dell'account MikaItalia, sembra stiano organizzando un meet&greet con Mika, ma per "sbloccarlo" c'è bisogno di riprodurre più volte "Ice cream" su Spotify. Una volta che l'indicatore avrà raggiunto il 100% saranno disponibili le informazioni per il meet&greet. Pensate che sarà riservato soltanto ai possessori di un account Spotify?
  11. Salve a tutti! Per chi ancora non avesse visto, sulla pagina Facebook di TicketOne e sul sito ufficiale di Ticket One sono state annunciate le 12 date italiane del Revelation Tour!
  12. Hi Chloé! I'm Giulia and I'm new here in the MFC but I'm loving it a lot! There are so many nice people, I guess you'll be fine in here😊
  13. The first times I tried to log in, the account was blocked because I wrote the (what I thought was) right password too many times 😂 I have to change the password every time I log in and that happens quite often. I'll certainly write to the person you told me, thank you for your help
  14. I tried using my laptop instead of my phone and tried with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox but nothing changes...when I try to log in it tells me my password is incorrect...