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    I'm a TV Shows addict. I love music, I love to read. I love dogs and all kind of animals.
    Je suis accro aux séries télé, j'adore la musique, la lecture. Je suis une grande amoureuse des chiens et de tous les animaux!

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  1. I agree, those lyrics are the ones who are always making me cry. It's so amazing to watch some old videos like this one because it's some kind of little treasure ❤️ I miss him so much lately that it's always good to feel all of those emotions sometimes ! I always have the same feeling about him, no matter how many time I listen to him.
  2. It's so so good to have news from him ! Especially when he's with the girls ! : D
  3. Hello from Rainy France ! 😛 It's so cool that you discovered Mika once again! Sometimes I would like to discovered him again and again because "falling in love" with him is an amazing feeling ! I also want to congratulate you for your drawingn, it's amazing and you have a lot of talent I'm always amazed by those kind of art! Be safe
  4. Thank you so much for sharing your playlist here! It's always so good to have a little reminder of the playlist we used to listen with Mika
  5. Hello and welcome I'm Florine from France and I can't wait to see you around
  6. Congrats to @Laurya because Mika liked one of her drawing last night on the MFC instagram! Cheers to all the talented fans!
  7. We'll see in the next weeks I guess....all we can do is to wait. For now, they said that all of the cultural events are cancelled until September especially the summer festivals. Seems like it doesn't matter about how big the venues are. It might will be ok for the events less than 5000 persons after September. Before September all of the festivals will be cancelled no matter how big they are...
  8. The Foire aux vins is working about the schedule...They want to re-schedule the Guest List. So, maybe we can hope for Mika to be back next year ! It's gonna be a long, long summer this year. But it's for the best. We are in this together ! ❤️
  9. Yeah ? Where do you live ? Pretty weird right... I already miss him and it's been "only" 3 months since my last gig!!
  10. Hi ! They already said that it wouldn't be postponed. If it's cancelled it will be for good....:/
  11. Hello everyone I live in Colmar so I guess you know how happy I was about the festival. I try to know everything about the cancellation or not. For now as you said they don't really know either. Last week they said they'll let us know as soon as possible and before May 15. Fingers crossed but I think it's not enough regarding the situation !
  12. Bienvenue Nathalie parmi ce forum C'est plaisant de voir des Français ici! Je suis inscrite ici depuis quelques mois mais je ne viens que très rarement. Si tu as besoin d'aide ou quoique ce soit, n'hésite pas
  13. I'm so happy to know he's gonna do another Live ! It's a really positive thing and I guess everything is better for him and his family. Let's celbrate !!
  14. I just needed to say that because the other's opinion is very important to me. I love and respect Mika more than everything and his fans too so it was hard to me to read something wrong about him especially "because" of me. Now I just want to move on about that as soon as possible :) And thank you for your kind words!! :)
  15. Hello everyone ! I'm SO sorry about everything. My first intention was to talk about my illness and when the article came out I was very disappointed about it. I sent a message to the reporter immediately after that to say how I was feeling. Thank you to EVERYONE of you for all your kindness and words. I never wanted to met Mika in private or anything else. All I want for him is to put some happiness in his life and showing my story wasn't a good way to do that. I receive several message from people Who also are suffering and Who wants to help me. But I'm so sad about the things this article says... I had the chance to talk to Mika when he came out to see us after the show and it was TOO much kind. As I said before I am so sorry. It wasn't my intention. I sent messages yesterday to tell all MY truth. I really really hope that you know I'm an honnest person and that you will forgive me for all those crazy things !