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    I'm a TV Shows addict. I love music, I love to read. I love dogs and all kind of animals.
    Je suis accro aux séries télé, j'adore la musique, la lecture. Je suis une grande amoureuse des chiens et de tous les animaux!

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  1. I just needed to say that because the other's opinion is very important to me. I love and respect Mika more than everything and his fans too so it was hard to me to read something wrong about him especially "because" of me. Now I just want to move on about that as soon as possible :) And thank you for your kind words!! :)
  2. Hello everyone ! I'm SO sorry about everything. My first intention was to talk about my illness and when the article came out I was very disappointed about it. I sent a message to the reporter immediately after that to say how I was feeling. Thank you to EVERYONE of you for all your kindness and words. I never wanted to met Mika in private or anything else. All I want for him is to put some happiness in his life and showing my story wasn't a good way to do that. I receive several message from people Who also are suffering and Who wants to help me. But I'm so sad about the things this article says... I had the chance to talk to Mika when he came out to see us after the show and it was TOO much kind. As I said before I am so sorry. It wasn't my intention. I sent messages yesterday to tell all MY truth. I really really hope that you know I'm an honnest person and that you will forgive me for all those crazy things !
  3. I'm going to the show! I'ù from France and it will be great to meet some of you
  4. Hello everyone ! I would like to thro a little idea for the show. I've been talking with a fan from the MFC here, Nicole, who's going to the show too and we were thinking about a fanaction. There's not enough time left for creating a BIG THING but we came with a really easy idea ! What do you think about writing the senence "Thank God That You Find Me" on a paper. I tried this on a simple A4 format and it's really beautiful. We can write it as we want to and some fans already made something as easier as this for the show in Paris at the Trianon earlier this year. I think that it's something really beautiful to lift up those lyrics during The Origin Of Love because e's always the one thanking God for the love he send to him but WE have to thank God for sending us Mika. I really need your opinions
  5. I'm here a little bit late but I'll be in Paris the December 21. I have my ticket in the gold area so I will be avalaible anytime before or during the show if you need some help!
  6. My brother and I are in place since this morning. There's about 20 people !
  7. I'm on my way to Zurich ! I'm si excited. I'm si happy to be able to met some of you there.
  8. A big kiss to all of the fans who attends the show tonight ! Enjoy. Can't wait to see the pictures and videos. It's gonna be a blast. Mika is ready and I'm sure YOU ALL ARE !! can't wait to discover the setlist !!
  9. Good luck Mika !! I can't wait to see the first pictures and videos of the show !
  10. Don't be scared ! it's gonna be a blast If you want we can talk a little bit and we can meet before the show ! you don't have to be alone. I know how scary it can be !
  11. Moi je partage ma passion pour Mika et les concerts avec mon grand frère qui est un fan lui aussi ce n'est pas si grave d'être un peu loin, le plus important c'est d'y être voici ici le lien du thread pour ceux qui parlent français Surtout n'hésite pas si tu as des questions, ce n'est pas toujours facile de s'intégrer ou de bien comprendre le fonctionnement bisous bisous
  12. He seems to be a little bit less tired. He's so beautiful as always !!
  13. Coucou Gilda !! Je viens de France aussi, n'hésite pas à venir papoter sur le thread pour les fans français ou de me joindre par message privé, si tu veux papoter ! Welcome here!!
  14. I know one thing : Everyone deserves to met Mika once. And it will happen. You all are kind hearted people and I know how much you love him. It's not a coincidence if you love him so much. It's because you are good people and one day, I promise you, it will happen to each and every one of you !! I've never thought it as possible for me to met him one day but, here I am. I'm living that day over and over again in my head and dreams. It was wonderful and I know how lucky I am! All I wish for is to be able to witnessing the day you will met him. Truly.