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    I'm a TV Shows addict. I love music, I love to read. I love dogs and all kind of animals.
    Je suis accro aux séries télé, j'adore la musique, la lecture. Je suis une grande amoureuse des chiens et de tous les animaux!

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    Florine Heinrich
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    @Mikart_vibes instagram

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  1. Hello Renaud, happy to see you here ! It seems like I have a good influence on you after all
  2. Hello Liam and welcome ! I'm french too and i hope you're gonna find your place here. The MFC really helped me get through a lot of stuff especially because here you are accepted just as you are Have fun here and I really can't wait to chat with you
  3. Hello everyone and welcome to all the new members !
  4. First I thought that I was no one to give my opinion about that. But to be honnest it bother me and I'm frequently on Twitter. I see a lot of users and fans saying that they are uncomfortable. Asking that kind of question is the problem yes but some people are weird as we know. Answering to those question is worse cause it's an open door !
  5. I am very sad. All my prayers goes to Mika and his family ♡
  6. You can send it through PM if you want I can't wait to see all of your participation !
  7. Hello everyone, I wanted to show you how some of the reviews for the artbook will look like. This text is about the show at La Cigale, Paris on October 2019. I'm gonna take all of your reviews together to do a general review from each show
  8. Hello ! We want to share with you the pages for the gig in Barcelona ! There will be drawings and reviews for all the shows from the tour ! Let us know what you think and dont hesitate to participate
  9. I agree ! The whole show was an amazing performance and everything was just perfect. But this performance was special and I loved it and still love it !
  10. Hello Dani and welcome here ! I hope you're doing well and happy new year Have fun here !
  11. Hello Clelia and Happy New Year to you ! Welcome here. It's always nice to see new members ! I'm Florine from France you're Italian and youAndy to learn French and I'm french and I try to learn Italian haha ! I'm not really good at forum and everything but it's a place when you can share your admiration for Mika and it's priceless. also, you said in your bio that you were a long time "discreet and silent" follower of Mika and I was too. Until I found the MFC! Hope everything is okay for you! Don't hesitate if you need help and welcome again ✌
  12. Good idea ! I am a fan of your work ♡ So happy to be a little little part of it and to be able to see you doing those things !
  13. Woh. It makes me so happy ! What a beautiful message he has for us and the video of Origin of Love from Bercy...♡ He's so sweet and kind. Also I'm so happy to see that no matter how much 2020 was a rough year for the reasons we all know, Mika had always been in touch with us. We were still connected. If not on stage, behind a screen. And that's just a proof of how important his fans are. But Mika, YOU are the origin of our love 💜
  14. Hello I don't think it will be possible to watch the show without having an account :/ But I will share it with you if you want !
  15. Thank you Yes all of his family was there ! It was so cool to see the whole family there to support him once again
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