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    I'm a TV Shows addict. I love music, I love to read. I love dogs and all kind of animals.
    Je suis accro aux séries télé, j'adore la musique, la lecture. Je suis une grande amoureuse des chiens et de tous les animaux!

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  1. We have so many ideas and it is so hard to decide ! In the end, we all want to make the good decision to make him happy ! I think no matter what we'll chose, it's gonna be the good choice !
  2. I really love the ideas you all have here ! I don't know about the extra money (and honnestly I'm not good at maths so...) but I really agree about a huge huge bouquet of flowers! Mika was really happy about the one he had received at the AMEX gig as Karin said and we are sure this gift is gonna be liked by him. And I also prefer a bigger bouquet of flowers than a bottle of wine. But it depends of everyone I guess. I'm okay with everything For the boat trip, I really think you don't have to worry Deb because it's "just" an hour long and because we are more than 100 people, I don't think we will think about eating anything but we will be talking a LOT Anyway, I would like to participate of course and I'm looking forward to read all your thoughts about the gift !
  3. *It's just Mika contemplating his six pack* "- Yeah now I know why they're crazy when I take my shirt off on stage"
  4. I was reading your post. Honnestly I don’t know if you're wrong or right. Maybe yes. Maybe no. But you're allowed to have your own opinions and please, don't be too hard on yourself. You're not an ass just because you have an opinion maybe different from other. And even if you were wrong well - it happens to all of us. Don't he hard on yourself ♡
  5. If you really want to visit the Arc the triomphe and Avenue des Champs Elysees, it'll be better to go on Friday. Because saturday could be harder ! And for saturday you can go everywhere else, even at Trocadero or Tour Eiffel. And yes les Buttes Chaumonts is a good idea ! It's a whole parc I think and if the weather is good to us that weekend, it would be totally charming !
  6. Thank you for your reports. Especially @holdingyourdrink @mellody because I was with you during the whole show and your reports are exactly what I think and what I was feeling during the show. Also I was so happy to meet you girls, same for @Nina even if I was to shy to talk haha Maybe I will write my own report during the weekend but everything has been said and it's perfect that way
  7. I hope it's okay if I jump in your conversation ! It's totally true and it's really good that you've mentionned it. These last weeks there's a lot of manifestations against the sanitary pass and it's hard to visit Paris. Of course it depends of the manifestation but usually, it's around Arc de Triomphe and the whole neighbour. I think it's pretty okay around the Eiffel Tower, but last weekend it took me a while to travel into the city because of the manifestation !
  8. Hello Lindsey and welcome here ! It's always so good to met new Mika fans and I hope you'll find everything that you need here Welcome in the world of Mika ! If you need anything, don't hesitate ! Take care of you
  9. Please you need to try to stop asking us about it. We don't know now. Mika is probably planning a new tour but no one can know now where he is gonna perform. It's not that we don't want to answer you, it's just that we don't know yet. If he come to Montreal for a show, you'll know about that. You don't have to ask everyday
  10. I just pop up in the middle of nowhere but do you know that we also have crrrrroissant au chocolat ?
  11. Coucou Je rejoins l'avis de Anne en disant que je suis sûre que ton tour arrivera aussi de rencontrer Mika. pour ce qu'il en est des dédicaces ou autres événements qui auront lieu à Montréal, tu le saura dès que quelque chose sera annoncé. Soit parce qu'on en parlera sur le forum et/ou parce que Mika l'annoncera sur son instagram ! 😄
  12. Salut Myriam 😄 Bienvenue sur ce forum sur lequel tu vas trouver ta place et où tu pourras complètement vivre ta passion pour Mika ! Je suis contente d'apprendre qu'il apporte beaucoup de choses dans ton quotidien et je suis sûre que ce n'est pas fini ! J'ai hâte de discuter avec toi sur le forum au travers des sujets 🙂 Prends soin de toi !
  13. Haha I love it ! He's so proud of his suits, never gonna regret wearing one of them !
  14. Hello everyone ! It's so bad for all of you who got an email. I'm seeing people getting D row instead of the GG row tickets they bought first ! It's insane ! I have bought tickets for two of my friends and they got GG row tickets, seats 25 and 27 and I haven't receive any mail from La Philarmonie. I went on my account and everything seems to be okay with the tickets because they still are the same than the two ones I've bought ! I hope it'll be possible for all of you guys to get another change or anything :/
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