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    I'm a TV Shows addict. I love music, I love to read. I love dogs and all kind of animals.
    Je suis accro aux séries télé, j'adore la musique, la lecture. Je suis une grande amoureuse des chiens et de tous les animaux!

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  1. Great event ! Adorable to see Mika in his socks, it seems like it's a regular thing to be in socks when you're at his home !! 🤣 Lucky people ! I love the concept of the gig. Secret gig in a secret place. Imagine the people who were actually fascinated with Mika! What a surprise! What a night! I hope they enjoyed it !!
  2. I want to give him an oscar for his hair. Do you think it's possible ?
  3. It's refreshing to see this clip video! I love his hair so much and I hope it keeps growing more before the Tour !! He's mister Ice-cream and I'll be able to buy all of his Ice cream if he comes near to my city with his truck 🤣 It's colored, fresh, joyful everything I love!! Can't wait to hear a next single tho
  4. Such a joy to see all those behind the scenes content. His smile are gonna kill me soon and I still can't believe how beautiful he is
  5. I'm here since a couple of days only and I already feel better. It feels like if I FINALLY am in the right place and I thank all of you! I hope to find true friends in the future and I'm ready to be myself now cause i'm not a freak or a weirdo I'm just myself thank you
  6. I'm going too ! So cool I already can't wait !
  7. Hello Gabriella ! Thank you I hope to see you too! Are you attending some concerts in France ?
  8. Je n'ose pas imaginer ce que ça doit faire d'être autant impatiente d'aller aux concerts pour le spectacle en lui-même et pour le fait de rejoindre des personnes qu'on a rencontrées via la même passion, heureux de les revoir ou de les rencontrer! Pire encore, je n'ose pas imaginer ce que ça doit être de rencontrer Mika ! J'ai vu qu'il tendance à se montrer souvent présent avant les concerts, peut-être que ce sera une chance Je me suis inscrite comme tu me l'as conseillé, merci beaucoup Je te rend toute cette gentillesse et autant de Mikalins, peut-être même en double !
  9. Effectivement je risque d'être un peu tout feu tout flamme, parce que j'arrive ici alors que Mika est en pleine promo et qu'on est tous vraiment emballés, alors vous pouvez vous reposer en attendant 🤣
  10. I'm so overwhelmed by all of your messages here. Thank you to eveyone here, you made me feel so good here and it's priceless! It's a good idea for the MFC badge, do you have one ? Does anyone has one ? "we were all holding on to each other" wonderful. I feel better just by reading your message and all your words. you have no idea. I'm going to Dijon, Montbeliard and Paris bercy (first time I'm attending an huge show in a huge place!!) Okay thank you, I will send you a message as soon as possible. All the love for you and kisses !!!
  11. I was thinking about Mika back then, he certainly do not approve those kind of behavior. It's sad because I think we should be as kind and nice as he wants us to be, as fans we have to be an example. Anyway, I'm here to have a new beginning and thanks to people like you it's a good start. Do you think Mik knows there are people like me, like us who loves him without being always there ?
  12. Merci beaucoup merci à tous d'ailleurs pour l'accueil que j'ai eu. Je suis contente de lire ce que tu dis, j'espère vraiment trouver une place ici. Je vois que beaucoup de membres sont ici depuis des années, 2013, 2014....est-ce que ce n'est pas gênant pour vous de voir des nouveaux ? J'ai toujours eu peur qu'on soit considérés comme "moins importants"...C'est idiot mais ça fait partie des pensées négatives qu'on peut avoir quand on arrive quelque part; sur un sujet qui nous touche autant 🙈
  13. Hello thank you very much for your words, it means a lot to me. I like the way you see things. Deep down in me I know that Ii love Mika for myself, I don't really need to be surrounded by anyone else to love him but it's always painful when people who seems to be very fan as you are told you that you are not loved by the artist himself. But anyway, I'm here to start a new beginning and I'm already so so glad ! Yeah I think it would be nice to have an appointment! I'm going in Montbéliard, Dijon and Bercy. Of course Strasbourg is on my list !!!!!! 😎
  14. Hello and thank you for your kind words! we're almost neighboor because I live between France and Germany ! I try to be a positive person and I can't wait to be at the future show, maybe this will be the chance for me to meet great and kind people !!
  15. C'est vrai que cette personne serait presque en colère de me voir parler ainsi au final 😏 Vive l'Alsace mais sans la canicule 😦😂