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mika's fashion designer's


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ok guys and gals. all of you mika fans who luvluv to design this 1 is 4 you! personally i love to design and have a style like mika's that gets made fun of.

tell me what you like to design!whether it be jewlery or clothes. personally i like to design both.also tell me what you would design 4 mika! im a teenager and personally i would like to go to the providence school of design someday. so also if your like me tell me what design school you would like to go to.ill make a list of the most orginal designers!i would design mika's braces!REMEMBER YOU HAVE TO HAVE SOME EXPERIENCE/INTEREST IN DESIGNING!I WILL NOT LET YOU IN UNTIL YOU HAVE SAID SOMETHING YOU HAVE DESIGNED BEFORE.SORRY.

mika's designers









9.mika's mom!(any1 know her name?)






15. I <3 MIKA



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I'm not that much of a designer. The only things I've done were some hangers for necklaces, making a skirt shorter, and write on bracelets :P


For on a necklace:



And my bracelets:



And I wear them proud :D. Wish I could design clothes though, I have the sorta body nothing really looks good on :P

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i only really draw girls. i did draw some clothes once and they were pretty darn good lol i'll post em in a sec. i made a necklace once too....but i dont have the stuff to make em anymore. if i did i'd make one for Mika.

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dont be mad but you do have to tell me what you have designed before.....:biggrin2:


I've designed with a little help with my mom a t-shirt last week with the Chubby Bunny inscription!!

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